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Joy French

Freelance Portrait Artist & Artist

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Welcome to my Gallery. Here you will find a Collection of my Contemporary Portraiture that reflects the many Unique influential figures and faces, social, political and cultural. My artwork portrays the vibrant colours of Life in which we all live in. My Art is Character driven more than Anything else figurative expressive and colourful in all its forms.
Inspired by the poetry of daily life, the work of Joy french portrays the poignant and the personal with a stirring alacrity. check out my website here

Stunning in their detail, these mesmerising portraits are character driven more then anything else.

With her training and experience as a sculptor, the artist can create alluring portrayals of people that are thrillingly three-dimensional and breathtakingly and true to life.

Fascinated by the people she meets everyday, French imbues her portraits with electric colours and expressively abstract flourishes.

Vivacious and animated, they are dazzlingly true to reality in appearance and feeling. In these works, French touches on the essence of humanity in all its forms.

“Meeting people, hearing their life experiences and learning from them is what inspires my art,” explains French.

With a list of exhibitions from the United Kingdom to New York and her Native Country Australia Joy French HAs showcased all over the world .

Also Offering her service of Commission Pieces for clients Children and Pets, Lovers
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