Zachary Handel

Freelance Photo Editor & Illustrator

Location:United States
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Zachary Handel

Primarily interested in being mentored within the photography business under a professional status.
Authorized to work in the US for any employer - Yes


Self Employed-August 2015 to Present
As typically a photographer would do to start out their career, I have started my own small side business that involves me taking portraits, candid, or action photographs of customers at various places that of the customer's interest, or an attractive open area located around the city. I am willing to perform any task at hand and will comply to whatever the customer most desires. I will cater towards photographs of children, senior pictures, family portraits, and even pets.

Between these times I also have grown into self experience in taking interior and exterior shots of homes and household areas. My mother runs a side business of her own, working with interior designing, which includes casing the walls with faux finishes and or straight paint. Her ideas and finished products are commercialized by myself - after her follow up of a job it is my duty to photograph her work and place it online. With my many years of using Photoshop, I have perfected an understanding of manipulation and elimination regarding the shadows and highlights that can be found in a photo. I can create them and get rid of them to better tone the aesthetics of a photograph of a room.
Denny McKeown's Landscape & Bloomin' Garden Centre - Cincinnati, OH-May 2015 to Present
Address: 8793 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH
? Preferred Phone Number: 513-615-8133
? Job Title: Landscaper/Loader
? Responsibilities:
• Water plants in their collection on a daily basis
• Assist with minor customer service/questions regarding the plants
• Assist with lifting and moving trees
• Bur lapping and twining various trees (spruce/oak/cherry, etc.)
• Loaded purchased plants into customer's vehicles
• Stock plant seed, fertilizer, other items
• Also included: Planting, mulching, laying down top soil, rock work/placement
Sales Photographer
DigiPhoto at the Newport Aquarium - Newport, KY-November 2015 to March 2016
Each week I am selectively placed at any of the aquarium's vital photographer locations and or am either placed on the main sales kiosk. It was not only my duty to take these photographs of guests for the opportunity of a sales profit, but once I developed a relationship with the customers, I made it my job to either start or end (depending on where I was stationed) their journey and experiences through the aquarium by executing a friendly demeanor and making the environment pleasing.

Skills Used
While my previous job only entailed a minuscule amount of people skills, with this being a position in sales, of course it was time for me learn how to deal with enlightening nearly every guests' faces that I come across or possibly withstand the complications that may or may not occur.

*Worked with a tripod, lighting system, along with the knowledge of transmitting photos throughout the system looking upon a green screen
*Learned how to work in a Manual setting of a camera - ISO - Shutter Speed
*Discovered many self taught sales techniques on how to persuade a customer into being interesting in our product
*Out of the normal sales photographer (Not managers), I was always the top salesman each month (This record is not officially recorded but it is typically discussed on the sales success rate of the other employees)
Horticulture Garden Assistant
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden-2009 to 2014
Responsibilities as Both a Worker and Volunteer:
• Nursery plant assistant
• Watering
• Planting
• Answer guest questions (Never failed to answer a question)
• Mulching
• Tilling
Preferred Supervisor Phone Numbers: 513-317-3619, 513-503-8425
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Cincinnati, OH
A few times a year I will be asked by my grandparents and other close peers to go to their homes and provide care for their animals. I would/will walk them, bathe, feed them, give them needed medication, to let them out, and sometimes be there just to simply give the animals company. At times I would do this for a few hours while at other times I would be asked to do this for a week or more, while watching the house at the same time.

The numbers of these people are listed below:

Nikki Tallen: 513-237-8289

Howard and Sandy Tallen (preferred - done most work for): 812-537-2475

Shari Barone: 513-309-6176

Terri Clarke: 513-702-7446


Antonelli College-Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
2016 to 2018
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
August 2014 to May 2015
Moeller High School
August 2010 to May 2014


Landscaping (5 years), Photography (4 years), Drawing (10+ years), Adobe Photoshop (6 years), Lightroom (2 years)



Cincinnati Zoo Award
May 2014
The Cincinnati Zoo Award is a selective honor award presented to a student at a high school in the Cincinnati area that recognizes an individual that excels in the areas of biology, natural history, and those who show a keen interest in wildlife conservation. The award was honored to me at Archbishop Moeller High School, the college prep school that I attended. I received a novel called, Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued from the Brink, written by Jane Goodall, Thane Maynard (director of the Cincinnati Zoo), and Gail Hudson


• Skills
? Have the ability to lift any reasonable amount of weight
? Can handle any guest relations
? Impeccable communication skills
? Works incredibly well with peers
• Skills Regarding the Cincinnati Zoo
? Have no problem drawing out the zoo's map
? Can give a whole list of every single species that lives at the zoo
? Am knowledgeable about many of the names of the inhabitants of the zoo
? Am very aware of the history of every single attraction within the zoo
• Skills Regarding Animals
? Have had an impeccable interest in animals that started at the age of 4 that still involves eagerly yearning for the knowledge of understanding for every species that exists
? Can identify approximately 5,000 individual species/subspecies
? My expertise, without even proper college education, mainly covers the simple factual understandings along with the behavior of canids, felids, cetaceans, and primates
•Skills Regarding Photography
? For the better part of my teenage life I obtained a passion for photography with the sole interest of using wild animals as my subject. For the better part of this time I visited approximately 15 zoological institutions to better my skills at achieving greatness with the use of one photo. Judging from my published photos, it shows that I have not only "matured" in this hobby, but I can quickly identify what makes a photo aesthetically pleasing to a stranger's eye, and also identify reasons of what makes a photo imperfect. Within my time I have studied the appropriate ways of photographing an animal or object, breaking it down to the most feasible way the sun may reflect on the subject. I am rarely ever satisfied with a subject and I am asked constantly why I continually photograph the same subject over and over again. I simply tell th em that if you know the subject well enough, you will know that there are endless opportunities of angles and shots pertaining to the subject.
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Photo Editing