Johan van Zyl

Freelance Mechanical Engineer & CAD Freelancer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Sender: Johan van Zyl

I am seeking a position in the design and or development field.

This is a summary of my employment history.

I joined the South African Airforce in May 1979 as an apprentice Rubber and Plastics fitter.
During my training I specialized in composite part development and manufacture. In did a trade test in October 1982 and qualified as an artisan.

I left the Airforce in May 1983 to further my studies in mechanical engineering with the Nuclear Development Corporation of South Africa (PTY) LTD, where did a three-year course in instrument making. Ucor and Nucor then merged and they could not offer us permanent positions. I left Nucor in February 1987.

In March 1987 I joined a firm Total Metbond in Rosslyn north of Pretoria where I worked as a Technical Draughtsman designing rubber injection, transfer and compression molds. I also did tool jig and fixture design. This work mainly involved the motor industry.

In June1988 I joined Pretoria Metal Pressings as a design draughtsman doing press tool and jig design and development. In April 1991 I was transferred to the Technical Computer Support department as a cad – cam annalist, the work involved computer technical and software support plus training on cad – cam systems.

In June1994 I left Pretoria Metal Pressings and joined Advanced Technologies and Engineering in Midrand as a Design Draughtsman doing development on the new Unmanned Arial Observation Vehicle using my extensive composite and mould design experience. Later in the flight test phase I did some Quality control and flight test support at the test range. My role extended to air vehicle fleet manager and I also did Quality control on the aircraft composite manufacture and integration as well as prototype design and manufacture. Currently I am working as an Industrialization Technician, solving production related problems and processes.


W. J. van Zyl
Personal information

Home address Darling ave 3A
Wierda Park Ext. 2

Postal address P. O. box 16285

Telephone No 012-653 5057 (H)
011-2667620 (W)
Cell 0827843545
Email address N/A

Surname: Van Zyl
Full names Willem Johannes
First name: Johan
I. D. No: 6001205035084
Date of birth 20 January 1960
***: Male
Marital state Single
Nationality: South African
Military service:

Completed March 1983 in the South African Air force.

Criminal offences:



N5 Certificate +N6 Mechano Techniques , N6 Drawing and Design, N4 Computer principles.

School attended:

Strand High school Strand Cape Province South Africa.

Technical College attended:

Centurion Technical College, N1 to N6.

Courses attended:

Basic workshops -1979 Cad course -1989
(CV2D; MD3; GCD4; Personal designer 5)
Advanced workshops -1984 ********** course -1989
Basic Cnc course -1986 Computer Principles N4 -1990
Drawing Interpretation -1986 Advanced Surface Modeling -1991
Geometric Tolerances -1988 Personal Machinist 2D/3D -1991
Dos course -1989 Written Communication -1992
Man to Man instruction -1992


Employment Record:

Present employer Advanced technologies & Engineering Company (ATE)
Address: 998 16TH Road Halfway House
Period employed: July 1994 to present
Experience gained: Design of Unmanned Air Vehicle composite structure on Autocad 12 and later on Autocad 2002 and Mechanical desktop 6
Structural testing and prototyping on composite structures
Fleet management of the aircraft fleet
Flight test support
Unmanned Air vehicle integration modification and maintenance

Previous position: Quality control on composite manufacturing, integration and testing of the aircraft and sub systems, design and manufacture of prototype aircraft models.

Present position: Industrialization technician.

Main function: Industrialization of products.

Experience gained: Production problem solving, tool and jig design and both process and method engineering.

Other Cad experience gained Sound knowledge of Autodesk Inventor 11, Autocad Inventor 2010 and 2011, Mechanical Desktop 2007, Acad Mechanical 2007, Autocad Mechanical 2010 and Autocad 2007 . I also have a working knowledge of Catia ver. 5 and limited experience on Pro Engineer wild fire

Previous employer Pretoria Metal Pressings
Address: Church Street West Pretoria
Period employed: June 1988 to July 1994
Experience gained: Design of press tools jigs and dies on Gcd 4 and Personal Designer 5 cad software.
Cad Cam annalist, Technical software support and training on Personal Machinist 2D and 3D

Previous employer Total Metbond Components (Tensile Rubber)
Address: Hendrik van Eck Str. Rosslyn
Period employed: March 1987 to July 1988
Experience gained: Design of Rubber injection, transfer and compression moulds, jigs
Tools and fixtures mainly on the drawing board

Previous employer Nuclear Development Corporation of South Africa (PTY) LTD Address: Church Str West Pelindaba
Period employed: January 1984 to February 1987
Experience gained Learner Technician Instrument Maker (Mechanical)

Previous employer South African Air Force
Address: 1 Air depot Voortrekker Hoogte
Period employed: January 1979 to May 1983
Experience gained: Trade in Rubber and Plastics and composite materials including
Pattern and mould making, manufacturing of component in composite materials.

Period unemployed
May 1993 to January 1984. During which I worked part time at Carls boat yard in Mitchell str. Pretoria West.

Experience gained: Manufacturing of speedboat decks and hulls out of composite materials.
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Mechanical Engineering