Thomas G

Freelance Nature Photographer & Outdoor Photographer

Location:Hollywood, Florida, United States
2 Skills
South-Florida Dania Beach photographer Thomas G has journeyed across America and ventured the exotic local Woodlands of america. To compose a profoundly diverse collection of fine-art photography that truly captures the majestic beauty of the natural world. This self-proclaimed “Wilderness Nomad” not only strives to Bring out The beauty in extraordinarily ordinary Things, but also takes big risks to capture the most complex, often dangerous situations. including precarious animal encounters all to share his admiration for Nature’s World. Whether shooting tropical beaches, or the vast Lands in U.S. Southwest and west. Thomas's distinctive approach to photography renders intricately detailed images that captivate viewers and serve as a testament to his enjoyment and reverence of nature.
Through his photography, Thomas aspires to advance the appreciation for nature and raise environmental awareness by depicting the natural world in an endearing and relevant manner that all individuals can understand and connect with. Thomas is particularly focused on using his photography as a medium to communicate the importance of conservation as this world is being ripped apart by us, In hopes to bring people together and learn how to live in this world with out leaving big foot prints.