Ryan Hotchkiss

Freelance Article Writer, Content Writer, & More

Location:San José, San Jose, Costa Rica
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I write prose with a flavor of bite and spicy believing content is marketing. I want to say ordinary extraordinary; illustrate the obvious with intrigue; and figure out how to add “er” to fun.
Turn a phrases and add a twist to make minds repeat what I write; try writing an idea that returns without a prompt.

Causing eureka – the subtle, “ahh ha,” moment following the introduction of an original idea – does not qualify as marketing. That is just writing. Marketing requires the stamping, gluing, the tagging of an idea to minds.

Marketing content is the flavor that keeps viewers lapping up pages and the style that prevents elevated bounce rates. Content is an invaluable factor with respect to SEO rankings. Prose push visitors toward the end-action. But, it is the return that makes marketing content invaluable.

I believe I understand both the concepts and essence of marketing content. Having written for a decade, 3 million words worth, I will excel given the chance to write for UrbanDaddy on a trial basis.