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Dmytri Andreev

Freelance Music Composer & Songwriter

Location:Barstow, California, United States
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I am an independent musician with auto-didactic experience in Fruity Loops Studio and Musagi. I am all so the owner of three Casio Keyboards. My SoundCloud accounts and Bandcamp account evidence an extensive, if recent, career in electronic music. My ambitions are primarily to play in a band and to compose soundtracks for video games and other media. This vision is shared by several of my dearest friends and collaborators.

These are my accounts:

You should find them loud and to your liking.

I all so have taken art classes and possess some skills in illustration, so feel free to send me a message regarding any logos or book jackets/album covers that you should like to see designed. My style is, as is my music, minimalistic but intricate. I know how to do things in a cartoon fashion.

My musical career involves performance as a keyboardist in the reggae-punk band Fourth N Cedar, as well as having been the founding half of the psychedelic/acoustic duo The Suburban Shamans. Both of these bands played public venues. Fourth N Cedar has performed at the House of Blues San Diego, a venerable venue. The Suburban Shamans have recorded an E.P. at the world-famous Studio West, right here in our backyard of Rancho Bernardo, California:

My long-term ambitions are to avoid working retail again for as long as possible. My ultimate goal is to extend this abstinence towards death. :-]

My musical influences are:

-Modest Mouse.
-Brian Eno.
-Built to Spill.
-Nine Inch Nails.
-The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
-The Doors.
-Pink Floyd.
-Tom Waits.
-Elliott Smith.
-Dinosaur Jr.
-David Bowie.
-La Roux.
-The Postal Service.
-Death Cab for Cutie.
-The Shins.
-Kid Cudi.

and many more, including less-known local and unsigned bands...

My favourite games are:

-Spyro the Dragon. (hands down please.)
-The Curse of Monkey Island.
-Sly Cooper. (the trilogy.)
-Jak and Daxter. (the trilogy.)

as well as:

-Sonic CD.
-Shadow the Hedgehog.
-Shadow of the Colossus.
-God of War. (oddly enough.)
-Prince of Persia. (even more odd.)
-Crash Bandicoot.(all.)
-Ratchet and Clank. (the original game.)
-King's Quest VI and VII.
-The first two Monkey Islands.
-Psychonauts. (more or less.)
-*PIKMIN.* (Curse you enviable GameCubers![salivates.])
-Zelda in general.

Et cetera.

In music, I listen for creativity, spaciness, spaceousness, dissonance, (I speak in paradox: both spaceousness and dissonance. It makes sense if you think about it, though: the further out you spread the notes the more tend to cluster together.) psychedelic aesthetics, melody, harmony, unconventional structure, noise (in the artistic sense), emotion, emotivism, (not trying to be redundant; these are two different things that overlap often) sonic experimentation, ambience, and groove. I love unconventional and nostalgic chord progressions. Stewart Copeland's work on Spyro the Dragon and all the composers that worked on Sonic the Hedgehog over the course of that franchise imbibed me with a love for jazz chords from a very young age.

Game-wise: I look for immersion, loss of reality, dreaminess, innocence, violence, (an other paradox: innocence and violence. Yet the latter is an acquired taste.) dystopian themes, spiritual quest, platforming, simple mechanics that stand out and are built into ornate, esoteric patterns that only a player experienced in that game would understand, puzzles, captivating boss fights and stunning visuals. More or less what you would expect. My favourite genrae are:

Point and Click.
Side Scroll.

In that order.

Message me! Hire me! I am a nice guy and a diligent worker.

Sun Sign is Pisces. North Node in Capricorn. Moon is in Aries and Rising is ostensibly Libra.

Dmytri Andreev.

P.S. Han shot first.

Languages: English, Russian, and some Spanish. (un poquito Espan~ol.)
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