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Peter Melonas

Freelance Comic Artist & Illustrator

Location:Cordova, Tennessee, United States
Phone: 901-409-4182
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Peter Melonas has had a lengthy and varied artistic career in screen printing and graphic design. This commercial artist's popularity began with creating an imagery of characters from the mystery genre. Time after time, his name comes up quite often in search of a particular detective wearing a deerstalker cap. He has shown his artistry of Comics & Superhero drawings in retail comic stores throughout the Mid-South.
Peter has participated in many art exhibitions, Wizard World Comic Cons and juried show events. At a youthful age, first it was the fascinating comic book art that caught my attention, and then, he began to read the stories. Wham! Bam! Pow! Artists draw on their predecessors in ways that make each work a very personal history of art. They build on the works of the past, either inspired by or reacting against them, but always challenging them with their new creations. One of Peter’s early influences was Thomas P. Gill, an American comic book artist, best known for his nearly 11-year run drawings of The Lone Ranger. Peter is a freelance artist who is always looking to collaborate on a commissioned project ( specifically comic book covers, characterizations & design of collectibles )
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Comic Art