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Writer with 5 years dedicated to designing compelling stories, characters, and worlds for games. Specialises in building narrative content for interactive media, such as storylines branched with meaningful choices, characters with detailed backgrounds, and prose that balances brevity with clarity. Skillset combines an education in game development, training in fiction writing, and an enduring passion for games.

Freelance Writing · Various Projects · Nov 2013–Present
* Provide fiction writing services to clients on strict deadlines.
* Maintain clear communications on goals and progress.
* Budget time between client projects and personal writing.
Story Development & Scriptwriting · Tempest Citadel · Aartform Games · Aug 2015–Jun 2016
* Developed the game’s backstory, faction profiles, and plotlines.
* Supported gameplay progression with narrative beats.
* Delivered player-facing text that is clear, concise, and apt in tone.
Story Development · Unannounced RPG · May 2015–Aug 2015
* Grew existing design briefs into a 24,000-word story bible.
* Iterated on narrative elements with feedback from the IP holder.
* Created an efficient teaser trailer script for use in marketing.
Writing & Dialogue · Kenshi · Lo-Fi Games · Sep 2014–Apr 2015
* Equipped characters with dialogue for a breadth of scenarios.
* Diversified lines based on personality, role, relation.
* Mastered an in-house editor to pair lines with NPC behaviour.
Additional Writing & Design · NEO Scavenger · Blue Bottle Games · Apr 2014–Jun 2014
* Generated content for two branching plot encounters.
* Wrote 26,000 words across 300+ nodes within two months.
* Assisted with plot doctoring via collaborative brainstorms.
Game Criticism · haraldthehagen.wordpress.com · Jan 2013–Feb 2014
* Produced case-studies of storytelling methods in games.
* Covered a variety of genres to learn from the industry's best.
* Applied rigorous analysis to uncover explored themes.

BFA in Interactive Design & Game Development
Savannah College of Art and Design · Sep 2007 – Jun 2011
* Graduated summa *** laude.
* Concentration in storytelling.

* Writing: prose, world-building,
dev bibles, scriptwriting, dialogue
* Software: Word, Excel, PPT,
Visio, Screenwriter, Illustrator
* Languages: English (native),
Indonesian (bilingual),
Japanese (basic)
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Creative Writing
Fiction Writing