Lynda Moffatt

Freelance Portrait Painter & Portrait Artist

Location:Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519.350.0485
2 Skills
Lynda is a Professional Airbrush Artist creating artwork uniquely for you!

As a Professional Airbrush Artist, Lynda focuses on creating fine arts.

Lynda specializes in portraits, nature, animals and is currently working on a trendsetting superheroes series.

Lynda thrives and prefers to work with clientele that will challenge her skill set when ever possible. Working as a Professional Airbrush Artist, Lynda creates unique art as special as her clientele.
Her works are displayed in Museums, (such as Fort Malden Museum), Galleries, (such as The Stratford Gallery) and Private Collections, Including Professionals at all levels.
?Lynda works well with her clientele, and they have continued to follow her for decades, wherever she ventures to painting next. She understands what they are looking for and will work within their budget.

Lynda is also very creative and always delivers more than expected!

Lynda really does Love all forms of Art & Design! She enjoys life in general, spending quality time with Family and Friends!
Lynda has always had a special fondness to horses (her first Love).
Lynda definitely makes the most of each day! Watching the Sun rise and working til she sees that beautiful Sunset! She has become an avid bird watcher, living in such a beautiful area for the bird migrations and the Carolinian Forest surrounded by the Great Lakes.
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Portrait Painting
Portrait Art