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Stephen MacConnell

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Drawer, & More

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I have come to illustrating a little later in life than most, having spent more years than I care to remember wondering the beautiful Canadian wilderness geological note pad in hand.

As a younger man I could be found doodling and sketching everything from super hero’s to landscapes and funny furry critters. These early entries into the wonderful World of illustration have always stayed with me. So when the opportunity presented itself to finally hang up my illustrator shingle I took it.

Born in the North of Scotland but having traveled widely with my family has given me the opportunity to view many different cultures and landscapes giving me a Global eye when it comes to my art.

I have had the great privilege of teaching art to young students and am constantly amazed and inspired by the work produce by these largely untrained artists. As I tell my student art is about doing there are technical things you can learn but nothing takes the place of practice and an imagination that has no limits.
I take my inspiration from them and try to let my imagination free on the projects I undertake because when all is said and done they are the ones we are trying to entertain and educate with our works.

If you are looking to see that wonder in the eyes of your readers when they open your book for the first time come along with me and we will make it happen.

So come on inside and have a look around may be you will see something that will inspire you.

Stephen MacConnell, Chief Illustrator.