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Marcellus Amatangelo

Freelance Advertising Photographer, Illustrator, & More

Location:Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Phone: (616) 265-2291
12 Skills
Creative Direction|Artist|Photography|Illustration|Digital editing

My name is Marcellus and I would like to introduce myself to you and let you know of my services. My professional studio services is visual communications: illustration, photography, and design graphics-- with over 28 year’s experience in the industry.

Amatangelo Creative Studios work ranges from Advertising, Commercial, and Editorial including:
*Still-life *Products *Food *Catalog *Internet *POP's
*Fashion *People *Location *Studio *Brochures *Visual Branding

‘Diverse assignments keep me inspired, dedicated, and committed to the love of visual communication...’
Now—if you are going to try and tie me down on the railroad tracks to define what type of visual communications I best like to do—then I will answer I am a professional artist! Assumed within our profession, that we are professionals, which we can get the job done and satisfy the client is only part of the process. We are artists first, last and more then just ‘cookie-cutters.’ Think of the best I can be when ‘that’ assignment expects something more then just the typical. Being professional—the job will of course be done, but did we really push our own limits as artists? Did we really communicate with depth and passion? Did we just get the job done or did we learn something, grow a little bit more, and feel more enriched by the experience? With a big sigh of relief, the clients happy and will come back again—but for me… this is not always enough just because I am a professional, but most of all—‘I am an artist who strives to see what others do not see, to learn something, and grow.’

No matter the budget, from ‘shoe-string’ or ‘Tiffany’s’ all assignments get the ‘Tiffany’s- treatment, period. All work is motivated/designed to achieve what I call: “Clarity of Intent” and must have “Eye-stopping power.”

Absolutely, Amatangelo Creative Studios is delighted, motivated, and highly qualified and have tremendous amount of experience dealing with professional visual communications; digital graphics, photography, illustration and particularly with: ‘assignment-photography.’, design studios, with clients with tight budget/arrangements and on-the-fly-‘we need it yesterday!’

My natural ability to work with ‘civilians’–people and direct models/talent/fashion photography is matched my large format studio skills working with art directors and layouts. In fact— I love still-life and visual problem solving with illustrative technique—but nothing matches my zeal with dealing as a team player no matter the situation. I can ‘zero in on that visual problem-- faster than …a ‘starving rat sniffing cheese-balls’…My skills in post image manipulation (Photoshop & Digital Editing) and graphic design/layout are excellent. I am a digital illustrator and fluidly a team player, extremely organized, and last but not the least, a fine artist.

Some clients have included:
MTV, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ferrari, Disney, St. Croix Men’s Fashion, Cresallia Jewelers, SF Honda, East West Gallery, Interactive Minds, Iowa Commerce Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, Howard Rheingold, Women’s Edition Magazine, Net-Channel, Electric Minds, Laurel Birch, Flax Art Stores, actors, models and musicians, while working in: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Detroit, Irvine, San Francisco, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Dallas and anywhere the assignment leads or needs me.

‘Where’s the chocolate?! –Is there ever enough chocolate, hey–do you have any chocolate?!’

Amatangelo Creative Studios
Marcellus Dominic Amatangelo
(616) 265-2291