Karen Isadore

Freelance Outdoor Photographer & Wedding Photographer

Location:Spring, Texas, United States
2 Skills
As a person and as a photographer, I am dedicated to making my couples feel comfortable and beautiful while sustaining a relaxed and fun environment for everyone throughout the wedding day. I am dedicated to capturing the subtle nuanced of your day and the unplanned moments of joy, laughter and tears, I will produce images of your wedding day that will not only help you remember how the day looked, but how it felt too. Every wedding is a delicate and complex story – I will tell yours with detail and attentiveness. As a heart-driven, observant human being I have learned to be both assertive and also invisible and easy going as a wedding photographer. There will be moments during the day that I will stand tall and play my role as a director. On the contrary, there will be moments during your day that you will forget that I am there while I will be observing and capturing the most delicate of moments. I strive to be more then just your wedding day photographer but also a friend who you feel you would like to share your day with. I have been the photographer that dried sweat from faces of my brides to ensure flawless pictures while standing under the hot sun. By far the greatest compliment a bride has ever given me was when she wrote me the day after the wedding and told me that I was the person that went out of my way to ensure her day was special. Creating phenomenal photographs is only a portion of my job.