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Silver Bagley

Freelance Anime Artist, Comic Artist, & More

Location:Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States
4 Skills
I am a student of Academy of Art University for a Bachelors degree in 2D animation looking for art jobs tailored toward animation, comic book design, and or writing & film production. I am advanced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and competent with InDesign. Many of my strengths lay with character design & development, comic book development, film production, painting, pen & ink, illustrations, color pencil, pastels, etc. for many other types of projects.

I love being a creative, outside the box person to created works of art that reach deep into the souls of an audience to bring to light the chaos in our world that so many choose to ignore instead of fixing. My current personal project is a graphic novel I designed called "Vengeance".