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Suraiya Daud

Freelance Drawer & Animator

I have worked as a storyboard artist primarily for The Walt Disney Company (10 + years) on hit shows like "Pepper Ann" and "101 Dalmatians". At Disney, I worked with a team of directors/producers in a highly demanding and fast paced environment to produce cutting-edge work. I collaborated weekly with my team through individual and group meetings where my boards were presented and discussed in-depth. My excellent communication skills and an ability to understand what was required, allowed me to quickly execute the work in imaginative ways while meeting deadlines. As a result, I was promoted several times within various teams.

I have been an Illustrator for 20+ years. My degree in Illustration gives me a strong background in traditional art with emphasis on human anatomy and visual storytelling. I am passionate about cinema and creating for film. My goal has always been to create new and interesting avenues for telling a story. I have an honest approach to storytelling, which I do by submerging myself in a character. This helps in creating interesting characters that make a compelling story.
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