Freelance Article Writer & Biography Writer

Location:Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States
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Looking for someone to provide writing services for your personal business whether it be for blogging, article writing, social media posting, product review, or simply for typing jobs? As a freelance writer, I am available to fulfill your writing needs. I am also capable of doing any needed research that your job may require as I realize that is the part of the writing that is time-consuming and makes perfect sense if you are going to hire a freelance writer you may need to free up your time to be doing other business related things. However, if you have something specific you are looking for I am certainly able to provide that at well.

Personal Interests- Creative Writing, Blogging, Cooking/Recipes, Baking, Photography, Music, Architecture, Antiques, Health/Mental Health Research

Experience working with Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Outlook.
Ability to provide exceptional Customer Service while using out of the box techniques when needed.
Proficient organizational skills to assist with priorities and meeting deadlines.
Knowledgeable to perform fast yet credible research for projects.
Flexible to tailor to business needs, in order to perform duties at hand.
Capable of writing a wide range of subjects, not just ones in which come naturally.

Pricing is negotiable as every job is a little different than the next. Variables would be word count, research involved, consistency of jobs, turn around time, just to name just a few.