Freelance Translator & Arabic Translator

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
2 Skills

• Six-year experience in project management, reporting, and information management. Self-starter with the capacity to maintain and promote a positive image for diverse employers. Excels in working under pressure situations and meeting deadlines in a post-conflict environment.

• Excellent organizational, written, and oral communications skills. Able to work collaboratively and manage tasks and projects with cross-organizational teams. An action-oriented individual with intellectual curiosity and a passion to succeed.

• Fluent in Arabic and English languages.

• Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Office.


• B.Sc. in English language, Basrah University, College of Education-Basrah, Iraq [1998-1999].

• Journalism Courses in Basics of Media and Communication, Basra Capacity Building Institute, Basrah, Iraq [2004].

Employment History

• A1 Express / Tampa FL, USA. Front Desk Agent (September 2015 to current). Signing in customers into the system and update personal accounts. Receive calls from customers and manage their check outs. Process requests car rental returns and check outs. Process payments and receipts. Provide information to customers about directions to the office. Perform other office duties.
• Rumaila Operating Organization / Petroplan, Basra Iraq. Communications Officer (December 2011 to July 2014). Managed the internal and external communication at Rumaila HQ and the different worksites across the oilfield. Ensured the completion of the Akhbar Al-Rumaila monthly newspaper and Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant biweekly newsletter. Provided verbal and written translation and do planned interviews with expats and locals. Provided induction training for new comers on the values and best practices of the joint venture. Managed Rumaila recognition process and administrate Rumaila brand website.

• RTI International, Basra Iraq. Reporting Specialist (September, 2007 to 2011). Provided translation, reporting, and media services for regional governance center in Iraq.

• INTERSOS, Basra Iraq. Project manager; accountant, and reporter (June, 2003 to August, 2007. Provided emergency relief, refugee assistance, and housing/community services for displaced persons in southern Iraq.

Accomplishments –

Front Desk Agent

• Process, modify and cancel online and in-office reservation and provide customers with directions on what to do next.
• Handle check ins and check outs for new customers and process payments.
• Process car rental returns and sign customers out and process their payments.
• Receive customer calls and provide the required information about their tickets, direction s to the office and the airport

Communications Officer:

• Managed the communications process (internal and external) at Rumaila HQ and QAWTP (Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant) and ensured the flow of information and messages are consistent across Rumaila worksites.
• Prepared, translated and edited a bi-monthly newsletter. Interviews with managers and staff are usually taken place.
• Ensure the management of Rumaila brand website is well-organized and necessary purposeful materials such as posters, banners, booklets and other branding materials are produced (Brand Policing).
• Provided trainings to new joiners to introduce them to the organizational behaviors and best practices based on Rumaila Mission, Vision, Strategy and Management Principles and Values.
• Managed the organization recognition process in line with HR performance management process. Ensure the nominations submitted by the various departments are processed and inputted into the database. Dealt with local suppliers to produce gifts, trophies and materials related to certificates of appreciation.
• Conducted interviews with stakeholders, managers and staff inside Rumaila HQ and across the field and prepared the articles for publication on Akhbar Al-Rumaila Newspaper.
• Rendered and proofread Akhbar Al-Rumaila newspaper articles from Arabic and English and vice versa. Translated formal letters, presentations, newsletters and reports in both languages. Provide verbal translation during training workshops, meetings and conferences.
• Assisted on event management along with IT and Business Support management such as Town halls, workshops, celebrations, and conferences.

Project Management

• Coordinated refugee data collection and database construction with UNHCR representatives assisting in humanitarian aid activities.

• Distributed NFIs (Non-Food Items) to refugees’ and IDPs households; collected medical disease information for refugees and coordinated emergency medical response.

• Managed district profile surveys to construct database refugee settlement.

• Developed and implemented Quick Impact Projects; conducted sites visits and prepared project proposals; coordinated with UN staff and local councils to select projects that promoted reintegration process for refugees and displaced persons.

• Reviewed bid proposals and tenders for the selection of vendors; developed procedures for stakeholders to ensure competitive bidding.

• Managed the construction of 200 provincial housing units for low income refugees in cooperation with UN representatives and local government; supervised implementation process and coordination of unified plans with local government.

• Directed development projects to assist in reintegration of refugees and displaced persons; expedited the process of creating employment opportunities for those in need.

• Managed NFI (Non-Food Items) distribution

• Implemented transparency and accountability projects with UN and Local Councils.

• Conducted evaluations with the concerned beneficiary directorates when finalizing projects in cooperation with UN.

• Prepared weekly, monthly and annual progress reports.


• Translated a wide variety of Local Governance Program (Iraq) materials and activities, including reports, legal documents, evaluation reports, and other documents for USAID-funded activities.

• Supported the activities of regional Reporting and Communication Department through written and verbal interpretation.

• Maintained filing system (electronic and in hard copy) of translated documents.

• Collected information for work element activities to prepare weekly, quarterly and annual reports.

• Coordinated activities with international Expat and Iraqi staff.


• Developed informational and promotional materials on regional local government program activities in Arabic and English for Iraqi officials, provincial reconstruction team members, the Iraqi public, LGP partners, and other stakeholders.

• Prepared and published regional success stories, governance briefs, lessons learned, Web content, press releases/invitations, and newsletters in Arabic and English.

• Prepared responses to information requests from the media, provincial reconstruction team members, program managers and other stakeholders.

• Developed media contacts and fostered relationships with media professionals to ensure positive coverage of accomplishments initiated by local governance program.

• Assisted provincial councils’ media relations subcommittees to produce publications, brochures, and news items on local government activities.

• Coordinated regional forums and conferences.

• Tracked local press and media on relevant local governance issues, as well as LGP and LGP customers’ activities.

• Drafted internal announcements and project communications.

• Attended LGP events and assisted with reporting, note-taking, and photography.

• Assisted authors to improve reporting quality, including information on the purpose and impact of activities and the links with LGP’s work plan objectives; provided content feedback.
• Coordinated editing and graphics support.
• Prepared provincial informational materials and overviews, such as provincial profiles and provincial council member profiles.

Accountant Assistant

• Assist on finalizing the financial and administrative processes (such as bookkeeping and inventories) for INTERSOS Organization.

• Maintained timesheets and pay roll.

English Language Teacher

• Served as English Language Teacher at Al-Basra Secondary Sc
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