Mark Hudhud

Freelance Business Consultant & Business Developer

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I am a seasoned independent business consultant with a proven record of providing smart solutions to small businesses that can be implemented now to help you solve your most pressing issues. With a background in engineering and experience in business strategy development, cost reduction, and operations management, I deliver practical and structured plans and advice to improve your business processes with a focus on results. My approach is highly organized so you know exactly what you're getting in every step of the process.

I have worked across several industries and market sectors including:


Construction & Engineering

Wholesale & Distribution

Every business is looking for a competitive edge. Let me help you add value to your bottom line and break away from your competitors.

Project duration and needs vary, but you need the piece of mind to know how much you'll be spending. That is why I make simple guarantees:

$1000 / week.
Generally 4-6 week project duration depending on business needs - with weekly option to extend or shorten.

Visit my website below for more details, send me an email, or give me a call. I can visit you in person to discuss your specific needs.

Mark K. Hudhud
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada