Janet Laganiere

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Landscape Painter

Location:Cascades, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
Janet L. Crosby Laganière
85 Chemin de l’Ile
Ile Cadieux, Québec
J7V 8P3
Tel: (450) 455-6648
e-mail: casteleau@yahoo.com
1976 University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn. USA
Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Pathology (Natural Resources)
Investigation of Special Topic: “Zoonoses” – a four month independent research study done as final project

1973 Clark University and Worcester Junior College, Worcester, Mass. USA
Associate’s Degree in Sciences

1972 Konst och Miljö Skolan, Sundsvall, Sweden
Fine Arts Degree (2 yr. Undergraduate)


2013-2015 – C.R. C.H.U.M. – Centre de Recherche du Centre Hopitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Research Assistant for Dr. Alexandre Prat in 2- Photon Microscopy and Neuroimmunology

Skills and Duties: Research assistant in charge of a new 2- photon microscope set up for intravital microscopy. Received training at the N.I.H. in Bethesda, Maryland for thin skull animal surgery and correlating 2 photon microscopy. Helped to set up the facility and train new users in the surgery and microscopy. Carried out many immunological experiments involving cytokine detection in diseased human tissue. Carried out histological preparation of samples as well.

2005 -2013 – C.H.U.M. - Centre d’étude des maladies du cerveau (Centre for the Study of Brain Disease) University of Montreal at Notre Dame Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1995-2005 – M.U.H.C. McGill University & Montreal General Hospital Research Institute, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Research Assistant for Dr. Guy Rouleau in Neurogenetics
Skills and Duties: Research assistant in charge of animal preparation, histology, microscopy and immuno- histo- chemistry. Also responsible for antibody production and testing. Has been involved in several independent studies including: an epilepsy seizure study, and a surgically induced stroke model in mice. Has been involved with experimentation using transgenic Zebrafish and Drosophila
Was in charge of establishing an image and microscopy centre for the Centre for Research in Brain Disease at Notre Dame Hospital. As well, was the coordinator of the CRN (Center for Research in Neurology) “Image Centre” for Montreal General Hospital for several years.
Since 1999, has been a member of the Health and Safety Committee of the MGHRI and was 12th floor monitor and representative trained in CPR.
Has been supply center manager (within the Research Institute) for the Invitrogen/Gibco Company since 1997.
1979-1995 Montreal General Hospital Research Institute, Montreal, Quebec
Laboratory technician for Dr. Michael Rasminsky in Neurophysiology, working in collaboration with Dr. A Aguayo and Dr.G.Bray.
Skills and Duties: electrophysiology, electrode manufacture, photography, microscopy. Also responsible for histology, animal preparation, surgery and dissection, immunohistochemistry and camera lucida
Independent project: 2 yrs “C-Fos activation in superior colliculus via optic nerve grafts in Golden Hamsters” involved nerve grafting, live experimentation, and immunodetection studies.
1977-1979 Cole’s Book Stores, Les Terrasses branch, Montréal, Québec
Skills and Duties: Manager, full store operation: finances, personnel, administration and sales.

Other: Over many years, has done translation and language tutoring.

English – native language;
French and Swedish – speak fluently and read/write with proficiency;
German – speak, read, and write with good competence.


West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra, Pointe Claire , Quebec

Executive Board Member from 1999-2002

Le Nichoir Bird Refuge, Hudson, Quebec

Volunteer work


Enjoys classical music and the arts. Since childhood, has been an avid artist and sells commercially. Also an active naturalist, with the goal of contributing to the preservation of the ecological stability in the nearby environment

Dr. Alexandre Prat, MD PhD, Principle Investigator, Neuroimmunology, Université de Montréal
Hôpital Notre-Dame – CHUM 1560 Sherbrooke Street East, Montréal,
(514) 890-8000 (24734)
(514) 412-7668

Dr. Roland Auer, MD PhD FRCPC, Neuropathologist and Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
(306) 850-3277

Dr. Aida Abu-Baker, PhD, faculty professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec ; Research scientist , McGill University, Montreal Quebec, (514) 998-1646

Dr. Guy Rouleau, Principle Investigator and Director MNI McGill University, Montreal, Quebec (514) 398-1931

Dr. Michael Rasminsky, Neurologist, MUHC Montreal General Hospital
(514) 934-1934

Dr. Samuel David, Researcher, Neurology, MUHC, Montreal General Hospital
(514) 934-1934 *44506

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