Anita Burke

Freelance Technical Writer & Printing Freelancer

Location:Seguin, Texas, United States
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Administrative Assistant at Hexcel Corporation in Seguin, TX

Master's Degree in Physics (minor in Chemistry) from Texas State University 2004

I can help you clarify technical information by arranging thoughts in logical order and watching sentence structure for ambiguity and confusion. My technical skills are widespread, yet well developed (MS Office, written and verbal communication, and commitment to accomplishing set goals are my top 3 related to this post)

Graduate thesis involved thoughtfully planned-out spectrometry measurements (FTIR and Raman)

Current self-guided projects at work are learning Visual Basic for use with Excel and Microsoft AX software, and assisting the staff nurse in providing useful naturopathic health information to our employees.

My passion is working with my hands and helping others to do the same correctly and safely. The key to this is being diligent about communicating well with others. This takes patience and dedication, but it is worth it. I have learned to be comfortable with "thinking outside the box" and not being fearful of criticism when I question the status quo.
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Technical Writing