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Freelance Business Plan Writer & Ad Salesperson

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Robert S. Loomis

Small scale start-up consultant. Provider of objective assistance to speed the process in launching an idea that won’t go away. A source to layout a plan of action to determine if you are on the cusp of success or how to re-evaluate and avoid wasted time and funds. Time is a commodity no one has in abundance; modest fees and direct answers will be delivered.

Founder of AVM Publishing (not necessary only a publishing company) in 1996. AVM has created symbiotic relationships by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. AVM has used traditional printed hard copy books, e-books, signage, magazines and laser disc technology to deliver internally created alternative published works to targeted audiences.
These alternative published works range from one-time items to material published 13 times per year for multiple years. AVM products and services have been used and received in all 50 United States and Canada. These combined experiences along with over 12,000 face-to-face presentations have allowed for a myriad of resources and knowledge on select projects as the marketplace continually pivots.
Direct experience regarding:
- Idea evaluation - Product design - Out sourcing prototype manufacturing
- Incorporation set-up / partnerships - Sales presentations to all levels
- Local, regional, national or international opportunities.
- Channel distribution for consumer products (retailers, Amazon & distributors).
- Business to business sales and marketing to address unique opportunities.
- Staffing - Product extensions - Exit strategies & evaluations.

Outside, objective evaluations can cut your waste dramatically by zeroing in on what will and will not generate revenue quickly. No start-up has the ability to attract interest, money, sales and awareness if it first can’t demonstrate that the marketplace will BUY your product or service. Obtain assistance in determining how fast you can receive solid orders and be on your way.

Sequence of consulting: 1) Determine a template design for how best to determine if your idea fits with your talents, resources and lifestyle and has a chance to succeed in the marketplace. 2) Tackle the marketing and actual selling process to make your product known in the marketplace. 3) Determine that you can accomplish the physical process of selling your idea then tackle how we can best “back into” producing a prototype as quick as possible to establish the operation as viable.

Source prototype manufacturing, logistic design and sales presentations.

Advertising sales to national accounts for ActMedia, Inc. (News America Marketing) in-store advertising.
Consumer Packaged Goods sales at General Foods (Kraft Foods).

University of Kansas – BS Business Administration – Lawrence, KS
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Business Plan Writing
Ad Sales