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Danny Greenhalgh

Freelance Illustrator, Political Cartoonist, & More

Location:Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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My name is Danny Greenhalgh, a freelance Illustrator (and designer) from Dublin, new-ish to the industry (1 year) and trying to get a foothold and build an interesting client list that allows me to fine tune my skills in a direction that allows me to grow as an artist. I have a BA in English (along with half the country) and have a keen interest in literature, film and theatre.

My style is heavily influenced by German expressionist film, especially Wiene's Dr. Caligari, but also modern expressionistic directors like Leos Carax (the atmospheric shadow play of 'Boy meets Girl') and David Lynch (the absurd characters that somehow appear natural within the world he has created) - I am attracted to worlds in which no matter how unusual, nothing seems to be out of place, this can be compared to the world in which we dream in where it is only when we sit back and contemplate what we experienced that the contradictions come to light.