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Francis Tan

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Valenzuela & Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: +639081928662
2 Skills
address: Novaliches Quezon City Philippines

Career Overview:
Specialized Skills : 2d traditional /2d digital /3d animation.

Other Skills: 3d Generalist, Visual Effects, Video Editing, Compositing
Motion Graphics and Graphic Designs.

For my rate, just ask.

Interests : music, playing and going out and to church on Sundays. Life is a
continiuos learning process and Hebrews 11:6 " God rewarded them that diligently seeks him".

Technical Skills:

Extensive skills:

¦ Autodesk Maya, Toonboom, , Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas

Intermediate Skills
¦ Adobe after effects, Power Director, Avidpr express pro,
Anime Studio Pro, Adobe Flash, Microsoft office & powerpoint..

Professional Experience

Dec. 2016 to present
¦ Senior 3d Animatotor/researcher/VFX Artist/compositor/editor,"JMCIM History "3d /2d video animation documentary.
Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

¦ Senior 3d Animator , " Martha " 3d Webisodes
, Cutting Edge Productions

Oct 2015 to July 2016

¦ Senior 3d Animator ,Animator of CGI characters and mechanical vehicles & objects.
TYcoon Animation," Penn Zero" 2d tv series from Mercury ( Boone boat whale, MAria boat whale,Larry boat whaleTrain, spoon helicopter,
hovership, limousine, van, ),

July 2014 to July 2015
¦ Senior Toonboom Animator
Wild Dogs Productions, " Desert Mirage" Indie film in California

March2013 to March 2014

¦ Senior 3d Animator
Cutting Edge Productions, " El Americano"3d Film animation, "Paddle Pop"& (confidential

May 2012
¦ 3d Animator/Editor/Character Design
Panasian Film, “PARADISE” (Indie Film), Category -Suspense Thriller

October 2011 – April 2012
¦ 3d animator/3d pre prod. Artist
Curlstone Animation
3d Animation, Character modelling, texturing and facial rigging using Maya

May 2011 – July 2011
¦ 2D Character Animator (freelancer)
Snipple Animation Studio
Doing traditional pencil sketches to create animation, gesture, action,etc. on the show Geronimo.

March 2011
*3D Character Animator online subcon
Online job
Create animation on CGI characters using Maya and 3dsmax software.

December 2009 – February 2011
¦ 2D Character Animator freelancer
Rubicon Animation
Animation 2D tv series Pink Panther & Pals.

October 2007 – January 2009
¦ 3D Character Animator

Toon City

Characters Animator Maya 3d software . Also do scene layout if we are finished with our animation sequence on the DTV Shows:
Mickey mouse Club House 3D -Maya 7 16 epiosodes
Voltron Force 3D - Maya 2008 6 episodes

September 2009 – February 2010
¦ 3D Animator / Concept Designer/ 3D Artist Edit
Jingleman Multi Media Arts and Productions

May 2009– February 2010
¦ 3D Animator / Concept Designer/ 3D Modeler Sept.2009 – February 2010
Concept design,Illustrating layout in 2d,
Animation & 3D model - Stage designs
& Commercials.
Adobe photoshop)
Modeling,Animation (3D) motion graphics,
Graphic Designs for Festivals and beauty contests.

¦ Animator/3D Designer/Illustrator/Graphics artist Edit
Red Fox Animation studio
3d CGI modelling and texturing, 3d designs of human organs for medical Audio Visual presentations used in schools, medical studies and demos.
Texturing using Photoshop & Maya software.
Organic Character modeling using Maya software.

¦ Character Animator/pre-prod artist , 3d Generalist
3 lbs. Animation Inc
¦ Character design, 3d Generalist, bg design, storyboard artist, layout, 2d and animation
Men on Fire by Klute productions and Adarna (local short film)

2002 – 2003
¦ 2d Feature Animator freelancer
ELCID. La Leyende Filmax

June 1994 – February 2007
¦ 2d Feature Character Animator (2D)
Toon City Animation

1. Die Drei Rauber ( German Film)
2. Fox and the Hound II,
3. Kronks New Groove 2,
4.Tarzan 2 and
5.Teachers Pet The Movie

¦ 2D DTV Animator

Walt Disney`s Direct to Video and TV Series shows :
Winnie the Pooh,101 Dalmatians ( dtv ).Duck Daze
Quack Pack, House of Mouse,Mouse Works,Filmore,
Lilo and Stitch,Kim Possible, Hercules,Teamo Supreamo
Buzz Lightyear, Atlantis, Land Before Time,Curious George
Brandy and Mr Whiskers

¦ DTV Animator 2D
2d None Disney dtv shows:
Tom and Jerry ( Warner Brothers)
Mighty B.( Paper Kite Productions & Polka Dot Pictures)

¦ Editorial Cartoonist/Caricature Artist
Student Digest
Publishing industry
May 1992 – July 1992 (3 months)

*Illustrator/ Designer
Uy`s T-shirt printing
Doing X-Men designs for t-shirt using pencil, Tech. pen and poster color

Commercial ARts painting AEVS
Maya 3d ADTC

Seminars Taken
October- November 2005
Asia Digita Training Center Makati City
Character Animation in Maya 3D
conducted by: Mr. Ariel Javines

Astoria Plaza Hotel, Manila
Guest Speakers: Mr. Andreas Wessel - Thernhorn
Animation Supervisor, Tarzan II
Animator, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Mr. Pieter Lommerse
Lead Character Supervisor, Disney Australia
Unit Director, the Little Mermaid III

Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Manila
Guest Speakers: Mr. Jim Kammerud
Director, Fox and the Hound II
Disney Toon Studio
Mr. Pieter Lommerse
Lead Character Supervisor, Disney Australia
Unit Director, Fox and the Hound II

Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Manila
Guest Speakers: Mr. David Block
Senior Animator, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Animation Director, The Emperor’s New Groove2
Disney Toon Studio
Mr. Scott Petersen
Animator, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Sony Pictures Animation Studio
Warner Bros. Animation Studio
Professor, California Institute of Art
Animation Supervisor, The Emperor’s New Groove 2

Edsa Shangri- la Hotel, Manila
Guest Speaker: Mr. Andreas Deja
Character Lead Supervisor
Character Designer
(one of the most popular, top caliber artist in the history of
Disney Animation, creator of the famous villains in
the Disney Animated Feature Film)
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Manila
Guest Speaker: Mr. Brian Smith
Director, Tarzan II
Disney Toon Studio

Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Manila
Guest Speakers: Mr. Glenn Vilppu
Layout Artist, Production Designer
Life Drawing Instructor Disney and Warner Animation Studios
Author, Figure Drawing Manual for Human and Animal Anatomy
(a world renown artist and instructor of human and animal life drawing)
MR. Jaime delos Santos
Dean, College of Fine Arts
University of Santo Tomas
Skills (2) Rating
3D Animation