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Gioia ruspoli

Freelance Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:United Kingdom
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For me art is in all the things who we are able to create through personal expression and creativity, that materializes through shapes and colors... Everything who can create an emotion for themselves and for the other.
Since I was 8 years old I realized that the only thing that made me happy and fulfilled, was creating, coloring, express myself.
My skills include: pencil drawing, ink drawing, portrait art, acrylic painting, oil painting, still life painting, pop art painting, illustration, lettering.
I also like writing and do: blog writing, travel writing, translation writing and food writing.

I am graduated in art school in Italy and I have a second diploma as a professional pastry chef, because I love to use my creativity for the creation of a beautiful dessert, which can be also inspiration to me for painting that have food as a subject.
More I have certificate from interior decorator courses, photograph courses, food courses and cake design.
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Book Illustration