William Bolwell

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Location:Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand
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William Bolwell - Curriculum Vitae

==Work History==

--Customer Service Representative--
Jun 2015 - present
Company: Genesis Energy

I am based in Genesis Energy’s call center, as a frontline CSR, processing 50 to 60 calls per day. In doing so, I am responsible for the following:

- Assisting with billing and credit inquiries, as well as providing general information and assistance.
- Resolving customer complaints.
- Providing fast and accurate service, with a focus on resolving all of a customer’s enquiries within the one call.
- Succinctly ensuring customers are aware of their liabilities, as well as the company’s liabilities.
- Data entry and processing.
- Offering suggestions intended to improve the efficiency of company processes.
- Strict time-management.

--Journalist (Volunteer)--
Apr 2015 - August 2015
Company: Rip-It-Up Magazine

I briefly wrote regular articles on video game culture, and game reviews for Auckland's Rip-It-Up Magazine.

--Shift Supervisor / Assistant Manager--
Jun 2013 - Jun 2015
Company: Timezone Games

I was employed by Timezone Games as a supervisor, and as the acting assistant manager. Some of my many responsibilities within these roles included:

- Cash handling.
- Maintenance of games and on-site facilities.
- General cleaning.
- Visual marketing: Arranging stock and games to be aesthetically pleasing, and appealing to buyers.
- Multiple administrative duties: Stocktake, spreadsheeting, poster design, emails.
- Ensuring lines of communication are maintained between customers, staff, the manager, and the head office.
- Managing the store during times when the manager was unavailable. i.e. On holiday, or sick.
- Staff training.

--Customer Service Assistant (Volunteer)--
Feb 2012 - Jul 2012
Company: Auteur House

I volunteered at the Auteur House; an independently owned video rental store, specializing in cult-classic films from as early as the 1920s. My responsibilities whilst performing this job included:

- Providing service and information to our many discerning customers.
- Accurately processing monetary takings and refunds.
- EFTPOS transactions.
- Ensuring the displays were aesthetically appealing.
- Organising and cataloguing the collection of films, to ensure they were easily locatable for customers, and other members of staff.
- Closing and securing the store after hours, and bearing the keys.

--Vote Counter--
Nov 2011 - Nov 2011
Company: Hamilton East General Electorate

I was employed to count votes submitted to the Hamilton East General Electorate. During this time, I was given the following responsibilities:

- Counting votes, with absolute accuracy.
- Translating the results of the vote counts onto a spreadsheet.
- Identifying discrepancies with the vote counts, and nullifying disqualified votes.
- Ensuring the security and proper transportation of the votes.
- Relaying information to superiors, regarding the voting results.

Bachelor Of Arts: English Literature
Feb 2009 - Nov 2014
The University Of Waikato

During this time, I was the class representative for two papers; namely:
- Sociology Of The Family
- Pop Culture

I take pride in my ability to communicate clearly, and articulate my thoughts well. My past employers and mentors have complimented me on my conversational skills, having proven myself able to interact efficiently with people of all walks of life.

--Information Technology--
I'm an avid user of computers, with a lot of experience using Microsoft Office, among other applications, as well as being a fast typist.

--Cash Handling/EFTPOS--
I have a lot of experience with cash handling, and can quickly and accurately perform basic mathematics, and solve mathematical problems.

In my spare time I play the drums, and write electronic music for retro-style video games. I've been playing the drums for many years, and started composing electronic music in 2012.

--Video Games--
Totally irrelevant to almost any job I could possibly apply for, I know, but it's definitely something I'm good at. It has aided me in developing my ability to solve problems quickly, and my advanced critical reasoning skills.
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