Ashley Valentine

Freelance Fiction Writer & Personal Assistant

Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
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Do you have a novel you've always wanted to check out but never got around to it? What about those childhood favorites that you misplaced over the years? Maybe you've had your eye on that new Amazon bestseller...

Whatever the case may be, look no further! I'm an official eBook distributor and I can get you practically any eBook you want. My prices are very low and affordable: $2 per book, and I'll even make your first purchase free just so you can get a feel for my work. I can also get you whole series/author collections for only $5; you can't beat that!

Please note that not all requests are guaranteed. Just think of it it like this: the more widespread the book is, the better your chances are. Generally if it's a popular/well-known book then I can get it for you. (It wont hurt to ask though, so don't necessarily let that defer you)

This service covers any and every genre! All eBooks are high quality with pictures, chapters, table of contents, and easy navigation. Also, please note that formats may vary from PDF, MOBI, or EPUB. Just e-mail me with the Title and Author Name and we can go from there :)