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Stephanie Cole

Freelance Lead Generation Freelancer & Website Designer

Location:cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Phone: 8003486390
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"My clientele love the value that I provide, my client-tailored services, and the increase in revenue they receive from it."

Having attended College for Biology in 2006-2008, Stephanie somehow found her way starting out in Network Marketing back in 2010. Over the years learning different strategies to help her and her team grow sales through automation. Skills such as SEO, SMM, Web Development, Capture Pages, Postcard Marketing, HTML/JAVA, and more.

Stephanie seen a need to help fellow business owners and entrepreneur generate leads and be able to turn those leads into sales. Coming up with Blue Digital Network. Blue coming from the aura blue meaning: highly intelligent and very intuitive. Incredibly good organizers and can motivate and inspire others. Digital meaning we provide you services on a digital scale, remotely from anywhere in the world. Network meaning we have a network of experienced passionate individuals working for you 24/7.

Stephanie spends her days creating new ways to stay ahead of technology. Providing valuable services that are a need/ must have in the industry. On her off time away from the office you can catch her doing volunteer work and attending networking events.

If you like to learn more about how Blue Digital Network can help or better your current business or project. Give us a call today at (800) 348-6390 or send an email to Stephanie personally at:

Blue Digital Network: Bringing Your Business Back To Life One Piece At A Time!
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