Mehreen Khan

Freelance Article Writer & Business Writer

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills

• 6 years of quantitative research analysis and 2 years of experience in policy analysis.
• Competency in quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis using microdata including multivariate regression.
• Expertise in drawing policy relevant inferences based on the data as a researcher for ESDC.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills with experience in environmental scans, literature reviews and briefing notes.
• Knowledge of project management through formulating proposals and monitoring project progress through GANTT charts.
• Experience in working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to meet project objectives.
• Computer Applications Proficiency: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook), Microsoft Project, SPSS, STATA.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently under minimal supervision to meet project demands in a timely manner by efficiently prioritizing tasks.
• Certification: Negotiation skills, Team Communication, Gender Based Analysis, Tri-Council Policy Statement

2015 Master of Public Service
University of Waterloo
As a graduate student, I conducted comprehensive literature scans to examine national and international policies to draft policy recommendations for implementation in Canada. As part of econometrics training, I also utilized quantitative data to support policy developments. Examples of my projects include:
1. The private-blood donation clinics in Canada: An analysis of efficiency, sustainability and ethics
2. Making generic drugs affordable and accessible: A policy analysis for the government of Ontario
3. A comprehensive look at the Ring of Fire initiative in Northern Ontario with particular emphasis on economic, social and sustainability factors
4. Addressing homelessness in Toronto: A public-private partnership policy recommendations
5. Discrepancy between Canadian point-system and labour market demands
6. Econometric analysis of health-resource utilization
7. Cost-Benefit analysis of subway vs. LRT in the Scarborough region

2012 Bachelor of Science Honors with High Distinction,
(Major in Health Studies & Mental Health Studies)
University of Toronto


2015 Summer Program in Aging – More Years, Better Lives:
The Health, Wellness and Participation of Older Adults in the World of Work
Canadian Institute of Work and Health (CIHR)

2015 Being Brief
Canada School of Public Service

2014 Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Ryerson University

2013 Statistics for the Health Professions
University of New England


May 2015-Present Junior Research Analyst
Trades and Apprenticeship,
Employment and Social Development Canada

As a Junior Research Analyst, I have:

• Researched and analyzed information to contribute to the development of performance measurement framework of the division.
• Formulated policy advice for senior management through developing decks and briefing notes on Medium Term Planning and Blue Seal Certification initiative.
• Supported the implementation of Canadian Council of Directors of Apprentice Harmonization initiative by providing P/Ts with research on apprenticeship training requirements across Canada.
• Collaborated with working groups across the department to develop products such as newsletters to increase employee engagement at the directorate level.
• Collected data and analyzed quantitative data to understand employee engagement and provided recommendations on boosting employee morale.

April 2014 – April 2015 Junior Researcher (Intern)
Aging and Disability Division,
Employment and Social Development Canada

As a Junior Researcher, I have:

• Performed statistical analysis to contribute to policies directed at addressing social isolation and loneliness, caregiving, and income security at retirement.
• Gained appreciation of the principles of behavioral economics and their implementation to nudge behavior modifications by engaging in a randomized controlled experiment on simplified enrollment of pension plans.
• Researched and provided input on ad-hoc issues of interest to the team including providing feedback to Statistics Canada for modification of General Social Survey (GSS).
• Developed presentations and summarized research materials for the senior management to be presented to the Deputy Minister, and engaged in GCpedia development to enhance federal departments’ collaboration on issues pertaining to seniors.
• Raised awareness of disability research and changing trends by hosting an access expo in collaboration with the office of disability issues and Statistics Canada.
• Published 4 research reports including:
• Young caregivers: Prevalence and Implications of caregiving
• An overview of end-of-life care in Canada: Part 1 and Part 2
• Role of inheritance receipt on retirement timing
2015 Thesis Researcher
University of Waterloo

Working with a team of 4 students on “Labour Force Participation: Retirement Transitions, Expectations, and Planning”, as the lead researcher, I:

• Collaborated with Policy Research Directorate at ESDC, and Seniors Policy supporting Seniors’ Minister of State to identify knowledge gaps to design a project proposal based on Canadian Longitudinal Survey of Aging (CLSA).
• Managed communications with the team and various stakeholders for project management and development.
• Conducted data analysis, supervised the data interpretation of the team and led the literature review process to ensure that the project was completed in a timely manner.

2010-2012 Researcher
University of Toronto

As a researcher, I worked on quantitative and qualitative research projects. I have experience in collecting various types of data including interviews, surveys, and computerized experiments. By analyzing the raw data collected, I have authored full-length concise papers and orally presented the results in seminars. Examples of my projects include:

• A step towards reducing the digital divide: Improving literacy of elderly internet users to improve healthcare accessibility.
• Expectancy effects of shape and colours on feature-based attention in object perception using an EEG paradigm.
• The relationship between smoking and low birthweight: An odds ratio analyses.
• Forgiveness and spousal abuse.
• The polio eradication initiative in India, Nigeria and Pakistan: Multi-level analysis of polio vaccination campaigns.

Visual Aid Technology Specialist
Assistive Computing Ltd.

• Enabled visually impaired/ low-vision beneficiaries of the Assistive Devices Program of the Ontario Ministry of Health to use adaptive hardware and software by providing them one-to-one customized training.
• Employed problem-solving skills by taking the initiative to troubleshoot issues with visual aid hardware and software.

2005-2010 Surveyor
Forum Research

• Applied strong communication skills and conflict-resolution skills by professionally conducting customer satisfaction surveys for various organizations including Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
• Adhered to the rules and guidelines set by customized projects to improve quality of data collection.

2010 Deputy Returning Officer
Elections Canada

• Adhered to the guidelines of managing the polling station under minimal supervision.
• Collaborated with the polling clerk and the candidate representatives to ensure an orderly voting procedure.


2014 – Present Project team member, Center for Addictions and Mental Health
2014 – Present Student Orientation Lead, Employment and Social Development Canada 2013 Health Promotion Ambassador, Heart and Stroke Foundation
2010 Medical Assistant, Toronto Medical Clinic
2010-2011 Offsite Research Volunteer, Free the Children
2010-2011 Research Assistant Physiological Psychology, University of Toronto
2008-2009 Research Assistant Social/Cognitive Psychology, University of Toronto
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