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Adric Spearpoint

Freelance Music Producer & Audio Producer

Location:Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
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I am an Audio engineer/technician and musician

I have worked in a variety of roles in the music industry
I can write, record (studio and live}, mix, edit, produce and master music with experience mainly in the genres of metal, rock and hardcore.
Prior to my currently more studio orientated work. I worked in live audio for 5 years, where I did various roles as FOH engineer, Monitor Engineer, Lighting Tech, Stage Manager, System Tech, Guitar Tech, and also Maintenance and repair of equipment.
As a musician I am currently in 3 bands "Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel", "Moof De Vah", and on a Session Guitarist Basis "Do I Scare Ya?" in addition to these I have done Session Bass playing in the Alternative, Rock and Metal Genres.
I also offer additional services for custom cables, and also Build/assembly of some DIY pre amps and compressors in Rack and 500 series formats.

My academic Qualifications are a Diploma in Music Technical production and also a Certificate 3 in Music Performance.