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Freelance Comic Artist & Sci Fi Artist

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Avi H Pinnock

D.O.B 18/08/1975

I have been learning and developing my skills as a illustrator for the past 29 years and as a result I have amassed an extensive back log of work that varies in theme concept and size and mediums used.

Initially my motivation for getting into illustration were comic books as I found their flare for the dramatics and imagination combined with a storyline to be exciting and alluring which as a youth I was completely drawn to and so I sought to emulate the work of my favorite artists/illustrators such as Jim Lee Ron Lim Barry Windsor Smith and Arthur Adams to name but a few.

At seventeen in 1992 I applied for and was accepted for a place at Tottenham Hale Techno Park on a Graphic Design and Communication Course that I successfully completed with the following awards.

Industrial studies
Observing safe practices
Technology of printing materials
Computer operations
Basic Design Principles
Basic graphic communication
Basic Graphic Design
Drawn illustration Techniques
Finished art work production techniques
Black and white photography
Book and Magazine Layout
Advertisement Design
Desktop Publishing

In 1994 roughly a year later in an attempt to keep my creative goals alive I enrolled my self onto a short course named portfolio preparation a course which focused on hand drawn or painted imagery/graphics a course I completed with satisfaction although there were no rewards/certifications to receive upon completion.

By 2000 I had begun a family with the birth of my son which spurned me onto finding employment in the construction and decorating trade as a general laborer and then later when the opportunity arose as a painter/decorator although this was not illustrative or graphical it did however have its creative qualities which I found enjoyable and found rewarding not only in monetary terms but in the satisfaction in seeing a hard some times difficult job well done and most importantly when in regards to client satisfaction.

By 2010 I became the primary carerer for my older brother who had suffered a spinal injury leaving him wheel chair bound during this period between 2010 – 2013 I had the occasional opportunity to continue to work as a painter and decorator but found increasingly that my enthusiasm for this line of work was now being superseded by a desire to seek a career within the creative fields as this might provide me with greater flexibility for example working from home.

In late 2013 I had successfully enrolled myself onto a course with the London College Of Contemporary Arts to study Interactive Media where along with my fellow students we studied and learnt the following.

Web development
App building
Html (hyper text mark up language) and css (cass Scading style sheets)
The history and development of communication and illustration
Movie editing
Illustrative and graphic techniques
Industry standards
Industry terminologies

By 15/12/2015 I successfully completed all of my assignments along with their accompanying documentation I now await to receive my HND (higher national diploma) certificate.

To date I seek to capitalize on the skills I have developed and the knowledge I have recently gained on the creative industry by building a professional work based creative experience.

Home Telephone Number: 0203 784 8709

Mobile Telephone Number: 07445 775 697


Address: 69 South End Close NW3 2RD
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