Lynlei Stowe

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Leominster, Massachusetts, United States
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I am a self-directed individual who initiates opportunity, welcomes challenges as growth experience, and accomplishes desired and set goals in a timely manor. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills that allow me to confidently display a " can-do" attitude. With my advanced administrative skills and management skills, I achieve above and beyond what is expected. I believe in the value of strong work ethic. It is a lost art in society today.

I profess a wide range of qualified skills that contribute to my career as a Creative Writer. Creative Writing has been my passion since childhood. As a young child, my earliest interest in writing began at age seven. Since that time, over the years I have perfected my craft. I have been writing well over 15+ years. Writing comes from within me and naturally.

I have written over 1,000 poems; 500 Christian/Inspirational poems; 3 novellas; a handful of acts, plays and skits; 30 short stories; 100 children's poems; and currently am seeking publication of a children's book. I am also a musician, I play piano/keyboard. i am a singer/songwriter and have written over 200 song lyrics, 100 of those I have also composed melodies for. I am also an artist. I mostly paint impressionism and water color.

My creative writing styles are broad and vast. I consider myself a "Jack-of-all-traits" who dares to be different and tends to think "outside-of-the-box".I am willing to compromise and negotiate for fair market value on some things depending on the circumstance. I believe in being upfront and honest. I have high work standards and always try to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We all want or need something and proper handling of excellent business transactions is reaching an agreement. I believe in this upfront policy, so that all parties involved know what is expected. The services I provide are listed below:

*Creative Writing: Fiction and Non-Fiction;
*Children's Books and Poetry;
*Poetry Writing;
*Freelance Writing;
*Research Papers and Reports;
*Genealogy Charts, Graphs, and Trees;
*Microsoft Office Programs and Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Presentations, etc;
*Adobe Programs: Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop, etc;
*Advanced Transcribing skills;
*Documents, Letters, Legal and Medical;
*Advanced knowledge of Medical Terminology and Health Sciences;
*Public Relation Skills: Public Speaking, Fund-Raising, Management, etc;
*Virtual Assistance;
*Organizational Skills and Assistance;
*Social Media Savvy;
*Articles, Blogging, Copy Writing, Ghost Writing, Jingle Writing, and Journalistic;
*Advertising and Marketing, Word Processing, Secretarial, Hospitality and Travel Writing;
*Speech Writing;
*Song Writing, Lyrics and Composing
*Resumes and Cover Letters

In addition to these Advanced skills pursued, I am currently interested in learning computer programming skills such as C++, Java, and Python. I believe in life long learning and maintaining skills that are needed to remain current in a changing society.

I am a deep, philosophical thinker. I love to debate and converse over many subjects. I love History, Science, Culture, Design, Music, Art, Literature, Nature, Children and Animals.

In the past I have work with children as a teacher, coach, instructor, mentor and leader. I have also worked with intellectually and/or physically handicapped children. Working with these special children has allowed me the humble lost art of human compassion. I have learned much more in return from them, then I have taught.

My motto and philosophy in life is: YOLO - You Only Live Once. With that said, as a Christian, with GOD all things are possible and you are only as limited as the limits you put on yourself. Be all that you can be, keep on keeping on. March to the beat of your own drum with courage and confidence. If at first you don't succeed, try again. I don't compare myself to anyone. Only the best that I can be. I am a constant work-in-progress. If I am not then, I cannot move forward, and if I cannot move forward and am satisfied with where I am at; then I am not pursuing progress.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my provided services, skills and talents. I look forward to your response and further discussing with you any inquiries, or comments.


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