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My name is Sherma and I have worked as an Internet Researcher/Customer Support Representative for three years with a certain company. My skills include the ability to work effectively on my own in order to complete my tasks. My present job duties consist of email response handling and responding to support tickets. I am also able to work well in a team setting as I have great communication and interpersonal skills. There is no problem with my leading a team or being an effective member who takes direction and completes tasks on time. My work ethic is strong and I never use company time to conduct personal web searches. I am still employed as a Customer Support Representative but it would not interfere with this job if I were to be awarded with it. Confidentiality is an important aspect of my job and there was never a time when I breached this code. Not only can I conduct internet research, but I am highly proficient in the entire Microsoft Office Suite and can enter information into a database, work with spread sheets and produce documents using Microsoft Word when required.
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