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I am an optimistic ray of sunshine: rainbows and all, directly before the spiraling storms of change. I throw myself into struggles and transformation, purely to enrich my life with connective experiences and broaden my perspectives. I also enjoy helping enrich other peoples quality of life with a karma of kindness, a genuine smile, and an expressive gratefulness for all that life is comprised of and has to offer. I work many seasonal jobs, some of which require traveling and some just require long hours but in all of them I find inspiration and understanding to carry with me through the rest of the year, settling into regular life. During the summer I do some volunteer work, staffing festivals in various positions. These festivals are full of vendors who sell handmade goods and etheric-themed art, so I take the opportunity to create handmade products to barter with for other cool trinkets, soaps or jewelry. In experiencing this way of life, a system of creating and trading, I fell in love. I now live my life making many things from home such as instruments, jewelry, beauty products, medicinal extracts of various plants/herbs, various forms of art and cook most things from scratch. I enjoy researching history and religions as well as reading university published studies and experiments. I try to incorporate my research of ancient understandings and symbolism into my modern life as much as possible, which in turn inspires a certain curiosity in others.
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