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Michele Syms

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Location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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41 year old single woman currently living in Nova Scotia. Was providing care for my 81 year old Mom when she suddenly died.That was my initial reason for coming home, though home is Cape Breton Island. I have a degree from St. F.X. University, Antigonish, NS, a double major in Biology and Physics. Was involved in a variety of activities: yearbook, played guitar in a folk group, played sports, met a lot of people and made some close friends. Graduated, went to the University of Maine, completed two Masters, one in human development, the other in Physics, savewas given a graduate assistant position in Residence Life and was given a position managing a residence hall ... It was one of the best experiences of my life. I found an application for the Institute for Shipboard Education/University of Pittsburgh, a floating university. It was set up like a university with a library, classrooms, student government, a bar and a coffeehouse. We had a newspaper and a TV News Show as students would listen to short wave radios. I went "around the world" as a professor and therapist. Students went to classes when we were at sea and would do their research when we were in port. Back in Nova Scotia I accepted a position at the Nova Scotia Teachers College. I received a PhD in Physics from University of Pittsburgh. My education and experience prepared me for my challenge and/ or opportunity.
It is very important for me to acknowledge my Mom. She was widowed at the age of 39. My Dad was an educator. She raised my four brothers along with me, through hard work and sacrifice. She supported us through our university degrees, we were 7-17 years of age. She had three goals: 1.) To earn a university degree not to be "important" but because it would create opportunities for us 2.) To be involved in the community where we lived and 3.) To be good people, kind, hardworking and humble. I believe she did an excellent job and I am blessed to have her living with me, 81 years old, still with a joy and energy that is hard to imagine. There is more, so much more. I love to write and I do it well. It is a gift, and I want to use it with excellence for you and/or your organization or group.
Thank you.