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Dave Foreman

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Location:Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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At the risk of sounding immodest, I'm going to write this bio in the first person. Usually you would read something like, "Dave Foreman started out as a child." Well, since I'm Dave Foreman, it sounds weird writing about myself like that. Sounds like Bob Dole.

So here goes:

I'm Dave and I spent thirty plus years in the advertising business. I was a radio announcer before that and still keep my hand in (or rather, my voice in) by doing commercials. I started in the ad business as a writer and it's still one of my favourite occupations and pastimes. I was president of Gordon Hill Advertising, the Western Office of a National Agency and formed my own company, Signal Marketing Services in the seventies.

After 25 years of operating Signal, I took a full time position as General Manager of The Manitoba Electrical League Inc.

So that brings us to the present.

I now operate my own business, Dave Foreman Consulting Services Ltd. (not a fancy name but it tells you what I do) from my home office in Burlington, Ontario. My business and life partner is my wife, Debbie
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