Sandy Tolar

Freelance Stationery Designer & Portrait Photographer

Location:Memphis, Tennessee, United States
2 Skills
I've been doing the artistic thing since I can remember, drawing, writing, photography these all come as natural to me as breathing. I received my first camera when I was ten and have used it well. When I was seven I signed up for a course in creative writing and have loved it ever since. I wrote my first book when I was thirteen, and for the past five Christmases have given my nieces personalized coloring books. I attend and have attended for the past six years a society on my local college campus known as Writer's Guild, and we publish an anthology bi-quarterly.

I have my own studio, Heart and Soul Photography Studio, and there I focus on fine art portraiture. The artistic mediums I use are pencels and Photoshop. My artistic style is a more cartoonish/Japanese anime look when drawing human/humanoid figures. I have created my own Manga(Watchmen on the Wall), and I also have my own t-shirt line (Carnal Cuties), as well as two of my own webcomics.

Links to my galleries are available upon request on request only, however, once requested they will be happily supplied!