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Erin Vazquez, the founder of Content For Coaches, is committed to guiding coaches and business owners to create a strong business voice and narrative that allows them to make their offers powerfully and effectively, attract their ideal clients, and shine amongst their competition. When business owners and coaches are able to tell their stories powerfully, they have a platform that supports all marketing and communications so their potential clients can easily identify the benefits of hiring them and make an empowered, all-in decision to move forward with their services.

?If you are looking for a professional content writer who has been in the coaching and business world for almost a decade, you have found one here. Lean on me to co-create and keep you accountable for creating consistent communications with your fan base and ideal clients, and together we will grow your audience and captivate the people you absolutely adore working with.

My mission and commitment is to make sure that your unique voice is found so that it resonates through all communications to bolster the value and the expertise that you are offering to the market place.

My path to becoming a content writer began at an early age. From the age of seven I spent my summer vacations at my father’s office (per my request) where he ran his own consulting firm. While all of my friends were splashing in the pool, I relished assisting my father and his team in any way that I could. While I was stamping envelopes or organizing files, something about the way he did business stood out to me: when he was on the phone, he wasn’t advising, he wasn’t instructing or “consulting”.
He was telling stories. ?
Erin with the man who taught her the power of story on her wedding day.
These were stories about his clients and where they were at the moment they were speaking. The stories would go on a journey to show the clients where they could go if they trusted in his passion and expertise. Then the story would back track and he would fill in the narrative, paint the picture and tell the story of how that client would get from one place to the next.

In that process an identity was born for the client. A voice. And a destination that allowed them to move more powerfully because their purpose was unveiled, their desires were clear and they were able to communicate to the world effectively and in a way that empowered them to serve the population that they meant to.

And so I fell in love with the power of writing and story-telling. I couldn't stop writing. By the time I got my first junior copywriting job for a home builder when I graduated university, I had a thirst for telling stories that were true to voice – and got results. I had fallen in love with telling stories so powerfully that it moved people to action.
The power of story can bring more abundance to the lives that need the gift that your story has crafted for you. ?
And thanks to those early days stamping envelopes, I was particularly in love with moving people to action in a way that benefited business owners and coaches.

My clients have remarkable things to say about the impact my work has on their life and business success.

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to serve in the powerful ways that I can support your success.

What lights me up about this work is knowing that I am supporting coaches and business owners in making real changes in the world and helping people improve their lives. That is the power of language, and when it is wielded properly, beautiful amazing things can happen!

What sets me apart from other content writers out there is that I truly want you to shine. Not only do I have a gift for using language in a powerful way, but I’m one of those who can really “see” you. I go beyond the normal business objectives and goals chit-chat. I want to get to know you as a person because I know that if you’re a coach or a business owner, the idea of work-life balance is a notion that you left in the dust a long time ago. Your work is your life; you’ve poured all that you are into it. And getting to know you, your passions, those things that fill you with joy or with dread – those are all things that will allow me to create killer content for you that has your beautiful, unique voice all over it. Your potential clients will be able to “see” you for who you are and resonate on a deep level with your offers – or not! Either way, it’s all perfect.

You can feel confident engaging me to guide you and your organizations to solve these problems. [accolades and awards not yet available]
Five things about me and my experience that might surprise and delight you:
My first “real” job out of university was writing copy for the marketing department of a home builder in 2008 right as the economy was falling to pieces. I kept my job through the recession, and it taught me that absolutely nothing should be taken for granted in business and in life. It also taught me to perform at a standard of excellence and to provide value in my writing, presence and actions; when the higher-ups are in save-the-company mode, there is zero room for error or excuse – not even “I’m new at this”…
While working for a branding agency, I was blessed to encounter my first professional mentor aside from the early days in my dad’s office. He was the owner of the agency and invited me to educational events, held me to the standards of a business owner and instilled a mantra that I still hold near and dear to my heart: “stop f**king around”. He also taught me that business is always a domain of action.
By being open to the education being offered to me, I was able to “see” opportunities that empowered me to buy a home when I was single and making not making a copious monetary wage which I later leveraged to pay off all of my debts including my student loans (while I was still trying to “see” how my own business was going to work and not yet creating a steady stream of revenue).
I truly believe that my lifetime of creative writing informs my unique style of writing. Professionalism and creativity are not exclusive of each other. In fact, I know that as a coach and a business owner you went after your dream because it was informed by a creative need that you wouldn’t be able to achieve any other way than your very own.
I am always in a mode of self-improvement – and I’m really transparent about my own journey. Whether I’m pushing my meditation practice, hiring my own coach, receiving professional feedback from a therapist or challenging myself to a new health milestone, I am constantly pushing myself.

If you’re ready to integrate powerful content that supports your mission, attracts your ideal clients and helps your uniqueness shine through, please schedule your complimentary co-creative content strategy today.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire or the life you imagine as we team up together to create beautiful, authentic content for your business. Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you the best.
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