Nina R Powell

Freelance Creative Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
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I am a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.) and a Florida Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) who works in the field of addictions and writes self help articles, poetry. I am also currently working on two self help books.

Populations I have worked with as a therapist for the last 14 years are alcoholic and/or drug addicted men and women 18 and up as well as senior populations and people with relapse histories. Areas of expertise are: Cross addiction, such as ***, gambling, obsessive compulsive disorders and eating disorders (to name a few), codependency, family dynamics, trauma and abuse, domestic violence, anger, grief and loss, and those struggling with spirituality as well as clients who have a history of co-occurring mental health disorders.

A short history of my journey includes having had childhood trauma issues, anger issues, an alcoholic background (parents), becoming an alcoholic and an addict, obsessive compulsive tendencies, domestic violence issues, trauma issues as an adult, grief and loss issues,an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, and spirituality issues. I used, "I can't," to avoid trying to change when anyone tried to help me and learned to live the victim mindset as a result of having been a victim. I had a broken picker too (married four times) was angry at men and resented women. I became fear-based and chaotic but thought I knew everything and I was suicidal when I finally became willing to be open minded and to follow someone's lead.

I worked on myself with the support of a therapist and many loving people over the years. Someone was there for me to help me heal. That is why I became a therapist later in life. My goal is provide support and hope using humor. I have found learning to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously helps me eliminate my tendency to judge myself and others and leaves me at peace.

As you will get to know over time, some of my favorite one liners are: If it is to be-it's up to me; Nothing changes if nothing changes; What you do to yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually, others will also be happy to do to you too; We attract to ourselves what we believe we are worthy of--be it positive or negative; Response-ability is the ability to respond; Trying is lying; FEAR: False Evidence Appears Real: FEAR: Face Everything And Recover; What others think of you is none of your business; What you think of yourself is also none of your business; EGO = Easing Good Out; The only thing real is love.
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