C.W. Schulman

Freelance Painter & Songwriter

Location:Flower Mound, Texas, United States
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Proven leader with impeccable character and confidence to captain the ship and crew through hostile waters, fortitude to stand for right when unpopular, courage to do it alone if required, hard-nosed drive to overtake challenges and wisdom to do so with humility


Southern Methodist University School of Law -- Dallas, TX. J.D. May, 1996 (SMU Law Review)

California State University, Fresno -- Fresno, CA.

B.A., Economics (minor Philosophy) June, 1993


• Zealous advocate and formidable 18-year trial lawyer winning the unwinnable
• Creatively and persuasively organized / wrote extensive documents filed with the TX Supreme Court
• Impactful strategist and critical / forward thinker solving the unsolvable, teaching the unthinkable
• Accomplished spokesperson / communicator articulating what others have not or cannot
• Writer / Editor drafted, edited and finalized hundreds of briefs, motions, articles and documents
• Successfully managed public relations campaigns launching them into national news spotlight
• Repeated entrepreneurial success / self-starter founding law firms, retail and other businesses
• Director of Operations where “the buck stopped” for well over a decade without complaint
• Contract aficionado drafting hundreds of complex / intricate contracts hitting the mark on each
• Website and webpage content writer creating and improving content beyond expectations

songwriter and musician for over thirty years
painter, oil paintings, acrylic paintings


Formidable trial lawyer with a better than 95% success rate over eighteen (18) years practicing
Prepared and delivered a 1500-page report to the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court documenting improprieties in the administration of justice at the county level including means of remedying issues

SMU Law Review edited articles, checked citations

Managing Partner/Director of Operations with over 15+ years successfully leading and inspiring hundreds of individuals to see the light and fulfill their potentials along the way

Fedenisn Campaign: Investigated and documented gross government misconduct by high ranking U.S. Gov.t officials and filed written complaints with the U.S. Congress successfully instigating congressional investigations and drafter of strategic talking points for PR campaign, with original CBS story going viral:

• Live appearance on Megyn Kelly, Fox News
• Live appearance on Neil Cavuto, Fox News
• Quoted in World Exclusive, cover page story, National Enquirer Report
• Info strategically released to The Cable goes viral (exclusive report)

Farrington Campaign: Filed written complaint with U.S. Congress; managed ascending PR campaign and public spokesperson; crafted strategic talking points securing national attention to include:
• Newsweek reporter Jeff Stein achieving the Report in Newsweek consistent with mission goals
• Narco News’ detailed story and republishing of the Congressional Complaint letter

Crafted sworn deposition questions of State Dept. officials the basis for a Fox News investigative report, “More trouble for State Department's security agency”

Richard Higbie Campaign: Directed and strategically planned and implemented public relations media campaign and crafted talking points leading to national newsworthy event which went viral:

• Coordinated with NY Post to launch story and national newsworthy event
• Conducted media interviews (Quoted in NY Post: “They took…his e-mails….”
• Media spokesperson / conducted dozens of media interviews
• Appeared live on national news TV programs

Favorably implemented and directed PR media campaign and strategic talking points regarding law office burglary coined “Watergate Style Burglary” with local news report going viral on worldwide web

• Spokesperson and attorney appearing live on national news broadcasts
• Media interviews, e.g., Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal (“…in a telephone
interview,Schulman told me the break-in was “odd—curious”
• Campaign success required State Dept. spokesperson, Jen Psaki to respond
“Any allegation that the Dept. of State authorized someone to break into Mr. Schulman’s
law firm is false and baseless.” -- Jen Psaki, USDOS News Links

Western Journalism’s expose “Exposed: Hillary Clinton's *** Scandals” incorporated campaigns

Government and judicial corruption expert creating empirical method of admissibly proving misconduct


• Speech, Presentation & Talking Point Writer • Project Director, Oversight & Project Management • Critical Thinking, Analytical & Complex Problem Solving Skills
• Website Content Writer/Editor • Regulation Compliance • Promotion & Image Design
• Oral Presentations • Sales & Sales Management • Expert Negotiator
• Teaching & Training • Microsoft Office/Word & More • Expert Contract Drafter
• Budget Administration • Apple Word/Keynote & More • Public Speaking / Instructor
• Microsoft PowerPoint • Website Construction • Persuasive Communications


Managing Partner - Schulman | Mathias PLLC, Dallas, TX
Attorney and firm manager overseeing all operational aspects. Lead counsel on complex cases. Successfully spearheaded representation efforts of high profile Bureau of Diplomatic Security whistleblower agents, orchestrating ongoing and widespread national news coverage to include CNN, CBS, N.Y. Post, Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal with multiple stories reaching viral status. Prepared and filed formal written complaints with members of Congress prompting congressional investigations. Representation of clients providing testimony before the United States Congress. Media spokesperson appearing on multiple national news programs. Lead strategic planner, organizer and project manager. Authoritative in many areas of law including labor & employment, government corruption, contract, tort, civil litigation, consumer protection, business litigation, personal injury, contracts and insurance. Negotiated business transactions, drafted complex contracts, tried cases before juries, prepared and filed briefs and motions before state and federal trial and appellate courts. Carefully performed budget administration and financial projections. Investigating, documenting and exposing judicial and government gross misconduct to include local, state and federal governmental entities. In depth work on FOIA requests and governmental privileges.
Founding Attorney - The Cary Schulman Law Firm, PLLC, Dallas, TX
Attorney representing clients with an emphasis on litigation, trials and appeals. Supervised legal teams including staff attorneys, paralegals, investigators and assistants. Counseled individual and business clients in civil, criminal, family, labor and employment, consumer protection, corporate, contract, insurance, business, tort and injury law. Performed in-depth risk assessment and risk analysis and advised on government regulation compliance. Managed all aspects of firm to include marketing, human resources, operational systems, vendor relations, strategic planning. Website construction, content writing and assist IT with SEO. Developed empirical means of establishing judicial corruption through admissible expert testimony. Prepared court filings inclusive of evidence, including gross government misconduct expert testimony. Testified as corruption expert in in trial and appellate courts to include the Texas Supreme Court. Filed corruption complaints with FBI and other authorities. Documented and exposed court and court clerk manipulation of court filings, misuse of office and intentional violations of law to include back-dating of court filings. Filed multiple documents exposing corruption by the Presiding Judge of the First Judicial Administrative Region of Texas.
Attorney / Director - Leon & Schulman, PLLC, Dallas, TX
Attorney and Director of Operations. Managed civil litigation section, responsible for the largest and most complex cases, contracts and negotiations and supervised legal staff to include, lawyers, paralegals, assistants, secretaries and investigators. Managed special projects and created and implemented employee training program. Increased gross revenue/ profit margins through organizational restructuring, balanced incentive/accountability management, effective production monitoring and innovative marketing. Practice areas included labor and employment, civil, contracts, professional malpractice, personal injury, business, consumer protection, deceptive trade practices, corporate, criminal, family and insurance. Performed risk analysis and advised on government regulations and compliance matters. Lead trial attorney.
President - Cozy Bedroom & Mattress Co., Plano, TX
Founded and formed mattress and bedroom furnishings retail store. Oversaw all aspects of the business to include marketing, merchandising and employment.
Managing Attorney – The Cary Schulman Law Firm
Attorney representing individuals and small businesses to include strategic planning, risk assessment and solving complex problems and matters. Built and managed firm of 7-12 employees winning cases where clients were told “there is nothing you can do.” Specialized in insurance, consumer protection, DTPA, contract, personal injury, bad faith, and more. Trained dozens of law clerks, attorneys and paralegals.
Managing Partner - Schulman, Schoeppey & Wilson, Dallas, TX
Managing Partner and Executive Director of Operations of multi-division law firm handling, criminal matters, civil litigation and corporate and business legal matters, increasing revenues and profitability each successive year. Developed cost cutting measures and increased productivity through employee training programs, monitoring systems identifying effectiveness of procedures and identifying areas of improvement. Lead trial attorney on multiple trials and lead counsel on complex cases.
Law Clerk/Attorney - Stalcup & Casterline, P.C., Dallas, TX
Associate attorney after clerking during law school, representing clients in criminal, civil, corporate, labor and employment, construction, government regulations, personal injury and other matters.
Salesperson & Technician – CalPage Inc., Stockton CA
Account representative in the Fresno, Ca. area, selling pagers, including first releases of Motorola Alpha Numeric pagers and long distance services. User trainer and installed dialers and other telecommunications equipment.
Mics. Employment
Seven years in the telecommunications field as a technician, salesman and supervisor.
Freelance Writer – Self-Employed
Writing legal articles, marketing materials, business documents and website and blog articles on a contract basis. Created poems and other creative writing per customer requirements. Edited articles, business documents, briefs and technical journal pieces.
Website Creator/Content Writer & Editor – Self Employed
Build websites utilizing online website building platforms such as Squarespace. Create website content & edit.
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