Haobijam Ingobi Singh

Freelance Transcriptionist & Secretary

Location:New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone: 919873002093
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Haobijam Ingobi Singh

Work Experience

Senior MT/QA *** Client Manager, Medical Support Systems

As an MT/QA, the job involves transcribing dictation by physicians from varied specialties including family medicine, pain management, orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, OB/GYN, perinatology, IME/QME, etc. As an MT/QA, no quality check is required and it is required to provide a final client ready transcript. As a client manager, my responsibilities include job allocation to team members, management of medical records, and resolving customer queries via E-mails and letters
April 22, 2005 – Present.

Quality Analysis/Proofreader, MCK Infolink Online Ltd.

Joined the company as an OJT (on the job trainee). With comprehensive training in medical concepts and terminology, relevant computer tools, and audio-to-written medical report generation for six months, I was selected as a medical transcriber and within four months got promoted as quality analyst level I. As an MT, got to transcribe audio data from several US clients, and realized them into readable medical records. I got an opportunity to listen to varied American accents, moods, tones, and temperaments – with the only objective of transforming these into standard, error-free, grammar-perfect English, a task which I enjoyed to the hilt! Within no time, I was promoted as a Final QA/Proofreader.

As a Quality Analyst/Proofreader, I provided requested and essential inputs to the transcribers and quality-checked the final exit of daily records to the clients. The job involved proof reading of medical reports of varied specialties like Family Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, etc. It had been an enriching phase of my career.
August 2003 – April 2005

Executive Transcriber, business transcription, NuSpeech Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction to the field of transcription. Here, I got to transcribe conference calls made by Fortune 500 companies listed in the NYSE, Pre-recorded statements, interviews, group discussions, etc.
September 2000 – August 2003
Professional Qualifications

Masters Degree in Personnel Management from Pune University, Maharashtra, India - 2002
Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Science, Manipur University – 1993-1996
Class XII from Board of Secondary Education, Manipur 1993
Class X from Board of Secondary Education, Manipur 1990
Individual Attributes:

Friendly, affable, and straightforward with firm belief that reward comes automatically with effort and labor
Personal Profile:

Father’s Name Mr. H. Babu Singh

Marital Status Married

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