Dennis Swan

Freelance Business Developer & Business Manager

Location:Leawood, Kansas, United States
2 Skills
Expert in Turn-Arounds / Multi-State Transportation Operations / Multi Channel Distribution
Full P&L Responsibility
CFO Expertise Multi Million $ Contract Negotiation Major Account Development
Relationship Management Operations Management Entrepreneurial & Plan B Skill

Motor Coach Company 2011-2015
Recruited by Owner to spearhead turn-around of all facets of the company which included new Financial/Marketing systems, growth strategy, margin improvement, and operating efficiency improvement.
+ Spokesperson for the company with key clients, prospects, and recruited for panels at Industry Conventions
+ Procured/negotiated major client growth in existing & new channels....20% annual growth for 3 years
+ Revitalized custom Tours....last 12 months...150% growth
+ Designed/implemented fleet maintenance program resulting in over 10% expense reduction
+ Personally landed largest account in the history of the company...10M
+ Researched/sourced Driver Safety monitoring & continual improvement...15% Insurance Premium Reduction
GPS Consulting `
+ Led teams in over 10 successful turnarounds average 25% increase to bottom line
+ Top 5% producer of 600 consultants

+ Led multi-faceted development company, residential & commercial. Designed implemented new financial systems, forecasting & control metrics.
+ Designed marketing penetration with e-commerce enhancements: opt-in, analytics, automated email campaigns & cost effective ads by zip codes.
+ Orchestrated effort to develop Ltd. Partnerships for strategic alliances in project developments.
Center Distributing (Multi State Distribution to C-Stores, Hospitals)
+ In charge of $40M, 35 employees, multi-state distribution operation, 180 clients; focus was on sales strategy
and new supply chain products with higher GM. Re-negotiated pricing with key vendors for GM improvement. + Devised a new order picking and Quality Assurance program resulting in less than 1% shipping errors.
+ Realigned sales/marketing and compensation plan, new products, and sourced imported private label tobacco
products with 65% GM.

S and J Ceramics, LLC (Import/Export Mfg & Wholesaler to Big Box Retailers) Managed daily operations of a consumer goods Mfg. /Importer. Directed a new sales/marketing strategy which achieved 40% growth and an inventory turnover of 15. Sourced primarily from China, Japan and Mexico. Represented company at all conventions and major accounts. Exited with a very profitable company sale
Vitec, Inc
Directed all operations and planning for a national distributor of VMX products. Instrumental in enabling the company to move into more lucrative larger client tiers, such as personally leading the successful presentation for Walmart’s HQ.
Bretton Woods Group (International Computer Reseller)
Led all operations for this technology product reseller. Company was selling into 22 countries on a routine basis. Substantially increased inventory turns (180) and gross margins thru a sales/purchasing optimization program. Represented the company with International customers and suppliers at their headquarters in Europe, in both contacts & negotiations, leading to contractual drop ship agreements. This differentiated BWG from competition with speed and responsiveness of delivery with same or better product.
Mayflower Contract Services, Overland Park, KS (School Bus & Para transit Transportation)
Generated $7M of cost savings thru an asset deployment optimization model, covering more than 7,000 transportation vehicles. Directed the formation of the first marketing department with 20M in growth in 18 months.

MBA, (Management/MIS) Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO
BSBA. (Accounting) Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO
Scoutmaster Boy Scout Troop 396 & Council Committee Member
Chairman of the Board (10 years) Gentle Shepherd Child Placement
Senior Coach for Kaufmann Foundation in Kansas City
Team Captain for volunteer housing rehab work
Miami County, KS Economic Development Business Recruitment Committee

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Personal Orientation Profile 7.0 Personal Strengths/Career Needs

In Terms of Enterprising vs Support Role Possibilities
You would be described as extremely competitive, enterprising, assertive, aggressive, tough minded, determined and goal oriented. You may display new and creative ways to reach your personal and work objectives and you will be self-evaluative and sometimes critical of your own performance. Given an aim, objective or requirement, you would be able to develop your own plan, manage your time and focus your effort on a daily basis to reach your goals. Being a self-manager should come very naturally to you and these skills should be refined through formal training and/or on-the-job experience.

In Terms of Your Style & Strength of Various Motivations
You would be described as being motivated primarily by a genuine concern for the well-being and needs of others. People would see you as quite calm, steady, unhurried, predictable, stable and cooperative. Given an opportunity to focus your efforts on the achievement of some meaningful and perhaps demanding, long term 'people-oriented' goals, you could become a very loyal, dependable and dedicated member of the team delivering the product or service. Generally your motivational pattern will produce the greatest personal satisfaction and your best performance in positions requiring ongoing commitment to goals which you feel have real merit in alleviating the distress or adding to the quality of life of the people who receive the results of your efforts.

In Terms of Your Independence vs Your Need to Be in the 'Team'
You would be described as quite cooperative, obliging, efficient, conscientious, painstaking and team oriented. Generally, you would be easy on others and quite accepting of supervision. You would be a good company person working well within a variety of group settings. Security and stability would be valued working conditions desired in the job.

In Terms of Your Orientation Towards the 'People' Side of Business
You would be described as extremely sociable, entertaining, cheerful, genial and outgoing. In addition to being a fluent talker, you would be comfortable with new people, value social interaction and make new friends easily. Generally, you would be a good company representative and have the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people in a number of different functions. Being extremely sociable could make you somewhat sensitive to rejection.

In Terms of Your Orientation Towards Technical & Practical Concerns
You would be described as quite logical, reflective, analytical, factual and practical. A job requiring the solving of intellectual or conceptual problems would stimulate a person such as you. You would have a flair for technically oriented and detailed work. Taking on challenges to learn and use new information in a field that interests you would be rewarding in itself.

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