David H aver

Freelance Fashion Photographer & Magazine Photographer

Location:Bagdad, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
Hello, I'm an Arizona based published photographer that provides a variety of photography services. I specialize in portrait and fashion photography.
I have been shooting photos for as long as I can remember starting with my grandmother's Polaroid. In 2011 I bought my first professional grade camera and started capturing stock photos. In late 2013 I started creating family portraits and freezing events in time. I jumped into the world of modeling in early 2015. I have been privileged with having my work published five times so far. I can proudly say that I got a couple models published for the first time.
My prices depend on location. I can provide both natural setting and studio portraits. I support and provide free photography services to organizations that benefit the community. The only "Trade For Print" work I do with models is for magazine submission projects. I offer affordable pricing for portfolio images.