Matthew Colucci

Freelance Website Designer & Biography Writer

Location:Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States
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I am currently an Instructional Aide in a High School during the day. I am looking for some part time at home opportunities to make a little extra money. That mindset came about when my first two children were born 1/4/16.... Yes, Children! I had twin boys. It would be nice for me to be able to be home in earshot of my wife handling our two children, while I am in my office trying to earn some extra income for the family.

Skills and Qualifications: Associates degree in Computer Science from La Salle University, Over 100 credit hours working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education History (Not my definite means to an end), Intermediate HTML language to edit webpages, Able to troubleshoot minor windows problems at a long distance, Fast keyboarding skills, Creative writer that enjoys research, Great with customer relations and working with people, Used to deadlines and not easily stressed, and a lot of time available that can be spent in front of a computer for work.

Restrictions: Work full-time at a school, I will not be able to work between the hours of 7:00AM - 2:45PM Monday - Friday during the months including and between September and June.

Ultimate Goal: To one day be able to work from my house making a comfortable living and hopefully make just enough to support my family on my own income.

Just give me a chance and I will work as hard as possible to move your company forward! Let me prove my drive and determination to make this work and use that better your business and/or project in return.
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Website Design
Biography Writing