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Eric Bushey

Freelance Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, & More

Location:Glendale, Arizona, United States
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From an early age I’ve had a deep appreciation of art. The journey and discovery in
making art has always fascinated me.

I've created work in many mediums over the years; I’ve tried my hand at many creative
approaches. I have to say sometimes I miss the smell of paint or the feel of a brush in my
hand. Now, I work exclusively using digital (now my brush is a digital pen).

I use the tools of Sketchbook Pro, Painter, and Mischief software, and I love that I can
draw directly on my screen with a Wacom Cintiq (another great tool). I guess what I love
the most is trying to achieve pieces in digital the way I used to approach traditional
mediums… It certainly is a journey of discovery because there are so many ways to do
things digital these days.

With any piece of art, my intention is to create quality work, which is (as l have been
learning from so many great artists) all about the hard work and effort you put into the
work. So, what this means to me is I don’t think my lifetime with be enough time to learn
everything there is to learn, and my plan is to improve every day and enjoy the journey
while I try to feed my hunger and thirst for art with hours, diligence, and love of the craft.