Thomas George

Freelance Software Designer & Website Programmer

Location:Oakdale, California, United States
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Thomas George
590 Lake St #217, Reno, NV 89501
cel:281.236.8071 home: 775.335.3602


Talented software developer with a BS in Computer Science. Who has a history of innovation in creating and integrating new and existing technology. Looking for an new opportunity to apply my craft to new challenges.

Operating System Windows 98,2k,XP,2003, 2008
Database MS Access, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2005/2008, MySQL, SqlLight
Languages VB.NET, C#,Javascript,SQL, DHTML, VBScript, CSS, XML,XSL,C, C++,python, Delphi, Haskel, F#, scheme, lisp,PHP
Windows Development Win forms, WPF, Window Office Automation, Open office automation
Web Servers IIS 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5,Apache 2.0,
IDE Visual Studio 2003,2005,2008,2010,Visual Studio 6, eclipse, netbeans,MonoDevelop,kdevelop,eclipse, ajunta
Web Technology, MVC 2.0, 3.0, Ajax, Silverlight,JavaScript,Web Services, Ajax toolkit
Microsoft Technology Framework 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, LINQ, WPF, Windows Service,Entity Framework, WCF,
Editors VIM, emacs, notepade++
Blog engine, WordPress, Movable Type

Sfile Technology Corporation November 2007 – Present
Sr Software Developer
In time with the company to move the software from a value of over one million to ten million. Assigned task for research new features to add to the software. Relied on for developing those features and integrating those features into existing product. Called open to read, understand, and modify existing open source software to work with our product.

• Write and maintain SaaS applications for E-Discovery and Document Management.
• Write Back End applications for E-Discovery and Document Management Software support.
? Applications to convert pdf to images
? Applications to automate the processing of email
? Other utility applications to support the functionality of services offered.
• Administrate SQL Server Databases.
• Write SQL Scripts and maintained for SaaS and reports.
• Set up and install software on client machine.
• Create and enhance Document Management and E-Discovery products.
• Create a web services to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF.
• Create a web services to automate document and email processing.
• Maintain, design, and update database.
• Under the direction of the CIO, update, maintain, log and report changes.
• Keep the CIO informed of updates and specification requirements for the customers.
• Provide customized updates of the company’s blog engine in C#.
• maintain public and private company websites and support editors of the sites.
• Web services, XML processing, and database updates.
• Enable and ensure cross browser compliance.
• Update and maintain legacy software written in Visual Basic 6. Perform routine tuning, improvement, balancing, usability, and automation.
• Support, maintain, and document software functionality.
• Integrated existing software into blog-engine interface.
• Integrate jquery into existing sites.

Parijat Controlware 0ct 2005 – Nov 2007

Was hired to support and developed the need of company clients. Take software threw the complete life cycle. From gather the specification from the client. Do the research on the industrial standard, applying the demand of the client to the product. Creating the product, whither that be a user interface, user interface component, drivers, embed drivers, program logic controllers, insuring correct hardware, and wiring. Insuring that the client had a complete automated system that fit there needs.

• Programed PLC's for clients
• Built Human-Machine Interface (HMI) System
• Maintained internal network
• Created and enhanced web based application for customers
• Created application for window CE to use with the HMI
• Helped in the automation of plants and factories.
• Wrote and updated driver for PLC and other smart devices.

Fisk Electric October 2003 – October 2005
• Installed fiber optic cat5 and cat6 cable
• Install fire alarm Systems
• Install security System
• Other low voltage system as requested