Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills
To apply my years of experience and knowledge on character conceptualization, Photoshop, and personable communicative skills from the theatrical industry into an illustrator position.

Areas of Expertise:
Concept creation, time management, machine and hand sewing
watercolor, ink, acrylic, marker, pencil, Excel, Word, Photoshop, human anatomy, garment history, and fabrics.

Costume shop manager, designer, and draper
Peterborough Players - Peterborough, NH
Worked with costume designers to source, pull, and build clothing in order to create their vision.
Managed budgets for 9 shows.
Instituted a new stock system documenting hundreds of garments in order of period, color, and size.
Communicated with staff, clientele, volunteers, philanthropists, and directors on a daily basis.
Created extensive character research and rendered the design with watercolor.
Taught and conducted hundreds of women's and men's alterations.
Costume designer - Underneath the Lintel
Triad Stage Hanesbrands Theater - Winston-Salem, NC
Conducted fittings with the director present.
Communicated with the shop manager, director, and actress to achieve the desired look.
Created extensive character research and rendered the design in watercolor, gouache, and Photoshop.
Costume designer - Guys and Dolls
UNC School of the Arts - Winston-Salem, NC
Created a projected budget and a finalized budget utilizing $60,000.
Worked with rental companies nationally and internationally.
Created and conducted numerous presentations for staff, choreographers, and directors on a daily basis.
Created paperwork for all fittings, budgets, research, and designs.
Created extensive character research and period research prior to all preliminary sketching.
Sketched over 1,000 preliminary designs before deciding on finalized ones.
Rendered all designs in water color, ink, and Photoshop.
Designed over 100 costumes with over 900 pieces including, all well fit and designed for the actors specific body type.


University of North Carolina School of the Arts, BFA in Costume Design and Technology