Freelance Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:South Jordan, Utah, United States
2 Skills
I write, draw, ink, and color comics. I also illustrate when needs be. I can help you with any of these or all of these.

I've been a stay-at-home dad for the last 7 years. I'm looking to get back into the art scene.
-While at home I have had weekly draw nights with fellow artist.
-I've started work on a weekly comic strip just to keep in practice.
-I draw with my young children every chance I get.
-I've done some freelance illustrations for a few locals during this time as well.
-As well as designed a few tattoos.

Before that I worked in video games where I:
-Built 3D character models and objects.
-UV layouts for character models and object.
-Textured 3D character models and objects.
-Weighting 3D character models and objects after they were rigged.
-Some rigging.
-Some level work, including collision.
-Some animation work.
I do not have any 3D programs on my personal computer.
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Book Illustration