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Location:Delhi, Delhi, India
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Dear all,

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to let you know that within the past year, our art studio in New Delhi, India has expanded its staff of talented artists. Including comic pencilers, inkers, colorists, digital painters, letterers, Children books Illustrations and graphic designers. Since the very beginning BEEZZZ STUDIO has worked on a wide variety of comic and comic related projects helping a variety of clients turn their concepts and ideas into beautifully rendered comic pages. Our work speaks volumes about the level of quality and professionalism we bring to each and every panel. Not only do we have the capability to go from words on a comic script to fully rendered comic, but we possess a flexibility to fill in any artistic staffing position you might require for one of your up and coming or already established ongoing comic series.

With our expanded staff, we are certain we readily have the capability to help you quickly and professionally produce the high level of comic art production that you require at a reasonable price. Here at BEEZZZ STUDIO it is our want to become your reliable alternative to simply recruiting and hiring individual freelancing artists.

I am interested work with your projects.

All we ask is for the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.