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Hannah Joy Stacy

Freelance Content Writer & Copywriter

Location:Nacogdoches, Texas, United States
Phone: 9363663333
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Why you should choose to hire me:

I am an American editor, content and copywriter with a well-cultivated European upbringing and a memorable personality which has allowed numerous professional connections and a global fanbase and following. I can guarantee total dedication and consistency in seeking a stable contract position or well-compensated freelance opportunities offered by a reputable company or website. I have a bachelors degree in French and Marketing and am assuredly professional and accurate when my work involves deadlines, assured dependability, the ability to re-locate, and a relentless drive and passion in every endeavor I choose to involve myself. I have innate creativity as an artist, and humble confidence in working within my chosen fields.

I provide a broad range of professional quality content including marketing and advertising, social media upkeep, website maintenance, design and layout, photo editing, fashion, style and beauty writing, and various topics on IT development and Academia. Additionally, I provide content based on my personal experience and publishings involving medical field topics, improvements and conditions, creative and spiritual writing for my website as well as script and screenwriting.

I am well-connected on all social media platforms as I believe the art of networking is absolutely necessary for survival and societal success. I grew up in France, Germany and Switzerland, and have previous experience as a professional translator and certificates as a personal tutor along with Property Management in the Real Estate industry. Currently, I am located in Texas and hope to re-locate to another state should opportunities and finances allow. I would love to find contract work in Boston, MA; however, I am willing to go wherever the best opportunity is located while working at home from my PC.

Please consider my skills and multiple abilities that are unique among others and have a distinct and cultured international flair. I would be a great asset to your company needs and hope to hear from you soon!

Hannah Joy Stacy
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