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Rich Richards

Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

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My name is Rich Skowronski.

I am a Singer ,songwriter, producer ,and musician looking for
work with Film/TV Producers, Artists, Labels, Publishing ,etc.

From 2009-11 my songs have been in 10 independent films w/IMDB credit.

Indie film credit IMDB "The Vision" Never Forget You
Chicago ( Feb. 09)

IMDB credit for "Im With You" and "One Day"
Movie by Rene Brar "Taylors Way" - ( Aug. 09 )

IMDB credit for "Never Forget You"
Dark Phantom Films "Captured" - ( Oct. 09 )

New Film "The Way" Barry Shay
IMDb Song credit "My Day" (New 2010)
New Film "You Dont Know Me" Daniela Goggel

IMDb Song credit "One Day" (New 2011)
New Film "Betta" Winsome Productions

IMDb credit (2010) Angela Burns Producer
"One Day" "Never Forget You" "Loretta"

Pilot Film "The Lockhavens"
IMDb credit ( 4-2010)
"Never Forget You"


Thank you for your time ,and consideration.

Richard Skowronski - member ASCAP
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Song Writing
Music Production