Abe Nolen

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Location:Middletown, Ohio, United States
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Writer, Author, Novelist, father and husband. That about sums me up. I draw on many things in my own writing - as do most I suppose - though I definitely prefer science fiction and fantasy, I like to experiment with genre mixtures in short stories. I have many avenues for starting a project as inspiration often comes out of nowhere for no particular reason, so I write everything down even if it may not end up being anything more than a question I ask myself.

Right now I am a stay at home parent and work on a few projects in rotation when it's quiet enough. The rest of the my time is spent talking to, reading with, teaching, and playing with my kids. Sometime we manage to do all of it at once in a productive way, but out of chaos you can often find a certain clarity and a new way of showing them things. This is me in the smallest nutshell I can make.
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